Topo #10239 - The First Pool

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Route Grade Popularity Style
2 Ode To Python

Carrot bolts on this climb are not considered safe and probably will not get replaced due to their location within a National Park. 2CB Start: Start from same platform as 'Ankle Anxiety'. Right and up past the 2 BR's to ledge, left and up to finish.

21 R Trad 9m Unlink route
1 * Ankle Anxiety
23 Trad 12m Unlink route
5 * King of the World
15 Trad 15m Unlink route
4 Bats & Balls
16 Trad 10m Unlink route
3 ** Clowns Corner

A popular introduction to the area. Obvious and awesome corner crack leading to tree, right and around corner from 'Ankle Anxiety'. Follow corner crack straight up, step onto the right hand ledge to finish. Big holds and great pro.

11 Trad 13m Unlink route
6 * Purpledickular
19 Trad 12m Unlink route
7 What A Wall

5m right of P lies an obvious crack starting through a juggy overhang. Crack leads to mantelshelf and small left facing corner. Interesting and pleasant climbing.

14 Trad 16m Unlink route
8 * Oranges and Lemons

About 6m R of Clown's corner, this tackles the overhang that leads to the prominent grey slabby wall. Very pumpy start with exciting move onto main wall. Easier but poorly protected finish up slabby wall past mantelshelf.

18 Trad 16m Unlink route
9 Kiwi's Big White Arse
17 Trad 16m Unlink route
10 * Watch Her Face
20 Trad 15m Unlink route
11 * Kat's Corner

Start up V shaped corner just right of W. Follow obvious line, with delicate protection at 2/3 height. Under-rated and underclimbed!

16 Trad 13m Unlink route

Topo #11293

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Route Grade Popularity Style
18 ** Grand Traverse
17 Trad 20m Unlink route
19 Memento Mori

Wet start - start in the pool below the thin crack system 2-3 m left of the arete. Finish on the ledge above Would make a nice intro to an added pitch above.

14 Trad 10m Unlink route
20 ** Double or Nothing
17 Trad 15m Unlink route

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