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One of the four prominent spires in the Park. Home to the much loved "Cornerstone Rib Direct"

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Approach from Dagda Saddle. Follow the climber's path down the creek till it joins another creek below the west face. If you walk up diagonally left you arrive below the gully that leads up to leiben, and this is where the descent ends up too, a good place to leave shoes etc. For Cornerstone Rib, head left along the base, to the far north west corner.

The normal descent is down "Green Glacier", a canyon that splits the summit. This can be tricky in the dark or wet; take care and rope up when necessary. The first possible abseil is near the top of the canyon and is an easy down climb if dry. The chains are on the far right of the canyon (looking down). You follow a vague path down about 12m and they are on the right wall just below a small tree. There are other random anchors on the way down if it's wet or dark. The first obligatory rap station is where the canyon abruptly ends at the waterfall. Chains are at knee height on the left wall. Its a 30m rap to the terrace. From here walk down and left (facing the cliff) about 20m, and scramble down a short gully, walk left 8m or so, then up onto a block. The rap chains are about 6m away from the wall, slightly over the edge. Hard to see and slightly dodgy to reach without clipping into something or belaying. The final rap is past one good ledge at 20m to a large ledge at 35m where you can walk off easily. If you rap all the way to the ground, 50m or so, it is harder to pull your ropes and they get stuck on the big ledge and then pull rocks on your head. -- description adapted slightly from http://www.sydneyrockies.org.au/confluence/display/nswrock/Crater+Bluff

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Grade Route
9 * Tourist Route Trad 63m 4

FA: Dot Butler, Marie Byles & Eric Dark, 1936

24 * Verdun Trad 260m 7

Possibly the hardest multi-pitch in the Bungles. Tackles the major face between 'Crucifixion' and the Tourist Route. This is NOT a sport route - and the rock quality is a bit sub par on pitch 4. Take a double set of cams to fist size, double rack of wires including RPs, at least 15 draws and several long slings. A helmet is also a must.

Starts on right side of east face at section of black steep slabs, aprox 100m left of the rap descent route.

  1. 35m (20) Wall (3 FHs) to left facing orange corner with fiddly small gear. At the top of corner step left onto wall (vital small wires) and then up trending slightly right past 2 FHs and several small wires and cams. Belay on ledge at DBB. 5 bolts.

  2. 30m (14) Up blocky crackline just to the left of the belay to small ledge belay 3m left of major chossy orange corner (Hex Generation).

  3. 25m (22) Straight up tricky wall on trad for 10m to FH, then continue up and right on steep grey wall and arete past a further 4 FHs to final exposed right step across crack into pea-pod belay directly above 'Hex Generation' crackline. 5 bolts.

  4. 40m (24) Pumpy technical climbing on the left wall - keeping left of the bolts makes for harder but better climbing. Stay right and experience chossy terror. When the bolts run out follow the corner crack for 25m to comfy big ledge. 6 bolts.

  5. 48m (24) Move belay to double bolts at far left end of ledge. Up slab and out left across face with couple of tough moves. Finish up epic wall with a section of micro wires supplementing the bolts. Belay on ledge at double rings. This is the last opportunity to rap off. 9 bolts.

  6. 45m (14) Up blocky line above then leftwards up easy angled corner on lovely rock. Belay on trad when you can.

  7. 40m (14) Continue up leftwards leaning easy crack line to summit. Traverse ridge and then down the Green 'Gully'.

FFA: Neil Monteith (lead all pitches) & Mike Law, 2010

20 R Hex Generation Trad 20m

The major orange crackline splitting the right side of the east face. Appallingly chossy. There was an old hex jammed in the crack halfway up - most likely a bail-off piece as the crack above held several 'fun' death block surprises for the first ascent team. Start by climbing Verdun for 2 pitches then setup a trad belay 2m right of the bolt belay. Swing right from the belay into corner. Wade and chimney through epic choss (but good gear!) until the crack suddenly narrows and the walls begin to blank. Jam upwards whilst lobbing off bombs onto your cowering belayers to grovel into pea-pod belay. Thank the lord that there is now two bolts here to belay off, and not the man sized pile of rubble that first confronted the first ascent team. A rest was resorted to on the first ascent due to adrenaline overload.

FA: Neil Monteith (2nd refused to follow), 2010


Looks good, follows diagonal lines of good holds and breaks. Quite runout by repute. The first pitch has had bolts replaced. Start atop the gully leading up past Lieben

  1. 36m Up diagonally left for 16m to a hard bulge, new bolt, then diagonally right for 16m ( new BR) to new DBB

  2. 24m Diag R for 9m, up 3m to bolt. Up, left nice little ledge and bolt.

  3. 24m Diag R for 11m up ramp to to bolt round a small buttress. Same line to manky bolt. Semi hanging belay.

  4. 27m Up and left towards a scoop, then easier to a good ledge, 2m long and quite wide.

  5. 45m (crux) You are now right to (below? ed) a 30m vertical wall. Left then up wall, right slightly on ramp (old bolt) then a further 13m to a small ledge below a chimney. 6 + 7) 90m etc up chimney and pleasant slabs to top.

FA: John Ewbank & John Worral, 1966


Direct start to 'Crucifixion'. Easy start on trad, then techy face past three FHs to runout scary finish on shallow small wires to double bolt anchor at end of 'Crucifixion' pitch 1.

Start: Starts as for 'Crucifixion'.

FA: Neil Monteith, 2010

17 R ** Lieben Trad 260m 6

A wild excursion up a huge face. No big gear required, just heaps of small to medium wires and single set of cams. Long runners will help.

Start: In the middle of the west face is a white water streak (about 50m to the right of the large one about 20m from the far LHS).

  1. 25m (1) Original route cheated by scrambling up the vegetated gully on the right un-roped (grade 1). Real climbers should just climb the rambly wall to the left of the vegetated gully to a small ledge right of the bottom of the white streak.

  2. 30m (15) Straight up face to belay on a ledge about 5m up and right of top of white streak.

  3. 25m (16) Keep heading left (fiddly gear) on a roughly 45 degree angle until you reach a corner. Head straight up this and belay after 5m or so.

  4. 45m (17) Crux. Either up the rib on the right of the corner, or up the steep juggy corner. At 20m step right to small edge (manky BR and optional belay) or continue up crack line above. Belay on huge ledge about 2/3 height of entire west face.

  5. 40m (16) Crack tending slightly right then basically straight up to the top.

  6. 35m (10) Keep going up the very easy rocky ridge to the top

FA: Bryden Allen & Ted Batty, 1962

18 Lieben Direct Start Unknown 48m

Not very direct, probably runout.

  1. 18m Trend up left to base of white streaks.

  2. 30m Right and up from stance. Back left and up onto obvious traverse line. Left and up onto the white streak, up left to roove. Easily up ramp to Lieben stance 1.

FA: Rick White & Paul Caffyn, 1969

20 ** Zombie Love Mixed 4

A proper direct start to Lieben or a good pitch on it's own. Easy route finding as it is very direct. Start about 10m left of the white streak below Lieben. Up corner for 10m and then head up wall in the 12.30 direction. Hard past 2 bolts then past good gear in breaks and more bolts to rap station. Lieben leaves the groove above about 10m higher.

FA: Richard Croker, John Croker & anon, 2011

17 R * Leavin' Trad 250m 6

Direct line to the final pitches of Leider.

Start: 15m R of the large white streak on the L side of the W face. The climb starts on a small pedestal 7m off ground. Scramble from R, or walk on from L.

  1. 48m (17) Step up R onto face. Pitch drifts R past incipient twin seams to the higher of two narrow sloping ledges. Take many small wires.

  2. 50m (17) Step off L end of ledge. Unlikely, exposed, blind moves up L around blunt arete. Up and trend L around steepening on L side. Up to spacious ledge. Take care with rope drag.

  3. 38m (17) Take slab up past loose blocks to old bolt(!?) at 38m

  4. 25m (-) Up rightwards on imperfect apricot coloured rock to wide crack of Leider. Up to stance

  5. 25m (-) Follow Rib to R side of plant choked gully

  6. 25m (-) Follow Rib to R side of plant choked gully

FA: Mark Wood & Julian Devery, 1998

16 * Lieder Trad 260m 6

Supposed to be quite Good. If you want to suss out 'Lieben' before committing to it, this is the way to do it.

Start: About 10m right of 'Cornerstone Rib' at base of rightward leading crack system

  1. 33m (-) Follow right leading crack system

  2. 30m (-) Keep heading up and right to belay on huge ledge.

  3. 15m (-) Scramble across the steep rocky gully to belay below right of two ribs

  4. 40m (-) Up gully then left of two ribs on the right of the major corner system.

  5. 25m (-) up past 2 BR's and PR, chimney to chockstone

  6. 40m (-) up

FA: Bryden Allen & Ted Batty, 1963

15 Vintage Rib Unknown 160m
13 Reluctance Rib Unknown 160m
13 Rib and Gully Unknown 200m
14 *** Cornerstone Rib Direct Trad 190m 8

The most popular climb in the 'Warrumbungles' and justly so. The crux pitches are grade 14, the other gradings are my estimation.

  1. 30m (6) The first 90 metres was originally climbed in three pitches but can be done quite safely in two rope stretching pitches (50m rope), including comfy belays.

  2. 30m (12)

  3. 30m (12)

  4. 20m (14) Pitches 4 and 5 are the crux and are often linked - Move out around the rib at the little horn and onto the northern face for a approx 5m and then up or stick closer to the arette - just follow your nose for good gear placements.

  5. 20m (14)

  6. 20m (13) Up the rib from here on. The ledges for good belays are pretty obvious and about 20 metres apart.

  7. 20m (12)

  8. 20m (11)

FA: Bryden Allen & Ted Batty, 1962

8 ** Cornerstone Rib Trad 220m

one of the best, most striking lines here. A total megaclassic at the grade. Hard to find much like it anywhere else in 'Australia'.

Start: See 'North Face' for full route description

20 Buying the Farm Unknown 190m
18 Out of Sight Unknown 150m
15 Diagonal Route Unknown 240m
11 Cross-cut Unknown 160m
17 North Face Route Unknown 190m
18 Outbluffed Unknown
14 M1 Job Aid 120m
12 Eastern Route Unknown 90m


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