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Used to be known as the Landslide Area (in the 1984 Penney guide), does not appear in the current guide, and is now described in SRC guide as "The Point". From the Capertee Campsite area, the area is the obvious cliffs on Magic Mountain on the South side of the river, facing Old Baldy, and opposite the Newnes pub. A huge landslide area is visible - there are two old climbs to the left of the scar, but the main climbing area is to the right of the landslide.


Approach is up a well-marked trail to Mystery Mountain. Cross the river at the ford and turn left towards the small campsite / Industrial Ruins. 50m down this road on the right is a cairn and some tape in a tree marking the start of the trail up Mystery Mountain. This well-marked trail (white paint marks, arrows) goes steeply up a ridge and all the way to the top - it is a great walk in itself, and a good way for non-climbers to get to the top. The same track leads to Desperado Walls.

For The Point, continue up the track for 20 minutes until you get to a large, downwards sloping bulbous gum tree, with white tape around the first fork. Swing left here at a short cliff band, and follow a high path, keeping left until you have to squeeze through a short boulder. Continue left until you reach the main wall. You should be able to see a karabiner about 12m up below a large black diagonal flake system (Crystal Cylinders) Descent is via the walking track above the cliffline.

Ethic inherited from Wolgan Valley

National Park.


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