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Rank Climber Karma
1 560points
2 shaunm 312points
3 Michael Helin 95points
4 Danger Innes 45points
5 Brendan Heywood 30points
6 daniel rowlands 25points
7 Katharina LISS 20points
7 Klaus-Dieter LISS 20points
9 Steven Martin 18points
10 David Barnes 17points
11 Ryan Whelan 12points
12 10points
13 Doug Moore 9points
14 Matt Tranter 7points
15 greg 4points
16 datsun_76 3points
16 darren cox 3points
16 David O'Donnell 3points
16 Ashley Hallam 3points
16 graeme hill 3points
21 2points
21 James 2points
21 Neil Monteith 2points
21 Andrew Collins 2points
21 Dan 2points

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