Topo #1420

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Route Grade Popularity Style
1 Nitro Wall Leftside
V5 Boulder 3m Unlink route
2 ** Untitled Route

From big hueco/meg pocket, move left and up, top out.

V5 Boulder Unlink route
3 ** Double Blower

Goes straight up the middle of the overhanging wall and tops out. Tough mantle. Sit start, from big hueco/pocket, move up the face to the lip, mantle and top out. The key is doing a pop move from the pocket/crimp to the side pull and get a toe cam in the big hueco.Spotter advised for topping as a fall from here will see you tumble down the hill.

V9 Boulder 4m Unlink route
4 ** Redline

As scene on "comin at ya hyper" - climbing vid of the late 90's. Unrepeated, with some of the strongest climbers/boulderers over the past 10 years being repelled. Sit start from the big Hueco, move right via small pockets (chipped) up the face/arete 'til you gain to micro crimpers, feet up and funky mantle. Fingers of steel required!

V11 Boulder 5m Unlink route

Topo #1442

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Route Grade Popularity Style
5 Sinn Fein

Starting on the deep pocket just left of the right-arete, embark on a long traverse through a variety of cool crimps, slots and jugs before topping out with big moves on jugs at the far left end of the bloc. (this can be climbed as a line in its own right, The Altar of Lamentation, v0) Although this is an obvious problem on an obvious section of rock, no information was recorded. The FA details are lost to the stoneage climbers who never bothered to tell anyone.

V2 Boulder 3m Unlink route

Topo #1449

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Route Grade Popularity Style
6 *** Brighton Hotel

The problem follows the righthand side of the arete from a sit start to a highball topout. Sit start with your feet in the large hueco at ground level, hands on the positive edge. Make your way up the righthand side of the arete to the airy scary launch for the lip. Practising the moves on top rope is possible using the carrots handily placed right on the top.

V5 Boulder 5m Unlink route
7 Caffeination Fixation

Head up the major descent gully before Nitro Wall area (heading north). At the path at the top of the gully head left for about 15 metres, you should find yourself on top of a wide, orange-streaked bloc. Head around to the left of that bloc to get to the bottom of it. On the holds right of Sinn Fein Sit start right of the arete on jug slot and small left-hand crimp. Power through some big moves on crimps trending right before a difficult mantle on slopers and delicate top-out. Note: the starting left hand crimp has been lost to a fat boulderer. The start must use either the higher better left hand sidepul (easier) or go without a left handhold and use the original right hand (much harder).

V3 Boulder 3m Unlink route

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