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5 ascents in Mount Keira by Koax having sport-cpr or ascent-date Back to index

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Rating Grade Route Gear style Crag Quality Climber Date
2270 points
22 Wallyard Grave Sport 16m, 8 Wollongong Very Good Koax
Thu 15th Sep 2016
2107 points
21 The Brainsnapper Variant Sport 14m Wollongong Koax
Sat 8th Oct 2016
2092 points
21 Wallyard Arete Sport 18m, 8 Wollongong Mega Classic Koax
Fri 19th Aug 2016
2080 points
21 Sex Haunt Sport 30m, 13 Wollongong Classic Koax
Sun 10th Jul 2016
1876 points
19 Strong Arms Sport 14m, 8 Wollongong Classic Koax
Fri 1st Sep 2017

Showing all 5 ascents.