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Grade Route Gear style Popularity
North Face
17 Great Balls of Boogy Woogy

The 1st crack in descent gullys right hand side wall. Natural protection. Up the crack with an interesting finish. - grovel , grovel

FA: Jon Muir, 1977

Trad 7m
26 Pakistan

Probably the hardest route on Mt Keira. Start 3 meters left of 'Great Balls Of Boogey Woogy'. Up the wall to horizontals then crank crank crank to the top. Carrot bolt anchor over the ledge.

Well its super hard now, as the brackets are super rusty - DO NOT CLIMB !

FA: Steve Bullen, 2000

Sport 9m, 5
23 Fascination

[Apr-2012 new lower off] Strenuous face climbing for last 2 bolts ! Start 2 meters left of Pakistan. Climb past the horizontals then follow the rings to the top. Plus has original top belay bolts.

FA: Ant Prehn & Rod Young, 1981

Sport 10m, 7
22 Nordwand

CLOSED project [New - Sept 2012] Start on the rock platform, up jutting features to the 1st ledge. Bridge corners to get to 2nd ledge. Now it gets harder - grasp for pockets and thin footholds to reach the diagonal ridge...

If you are tall you can pull off a mantle to reach past the top anchors to grab the top ledge, alternatively move right to grab the arete, get a high right foot to bump your right hand up to an undercling. A very strenuous finish no matter which way.

FA: Sep 2012

Sport 15m, 8
17 Sand Pit Wall Entrance

[May 2012 - Loweroffs and 2 ring bolts]

The Opposing face of Nordwand.

Step up on horizontals using crack for purchase. Reach to the ledge and walk left along the diagonal then pull up. Spread arms wide for flacks, watch foot placement, some of the small flakes are weak.

From the top you can also exit via Sand Pit Wall Exit route, thus making it a multi pitch route.

FA: 20 Jun 2012

Sport 8m, 3
19 Sand Pit Wall One

On the short wall starting from the halfway ledge (3m left of Debut Deview). Up wall past rusty bolt going left at top. Pro. = 2 rusty bolts

FA: Graeme Hill & Steve Bullen, 1982

Sport 5m, 2
18 Sand Pit Wall Two

The flake just to the left of Sand Pit Wall One. Up the wall.

Sand Pit Wall Exit Lower Offs can be used from this route

FA: Graeme Hill & Steve Bullen, 1982

Trad 5m
12 Sand Pit Wall Exit

[May 2012 - Lower offs] Layback off crack , step up and then reach left and clip 1st bolt.

Sport 5m, 2
17 Deb-ut De-view

[May 2012 - new Loweroffs and bolts]

From the path - up the arete , pull up to the 1st platform then up the razor arete to the second platform. Hunt for the holds and smear up to the top.

From the top you can also exit via Sand Pit Wall Exit route, thus making it a multi pitch route

FA: May 2012

Sport 5m, 3
24 Fizzgig

Thin face climbing. Balancy and technical. Start about 7 meters around from Fascination, at easy short arete under roof at the base of the cliff, OR solo up the corner to belay at wall. Up wall and flake. 4 rings to double rings at top.

FA: Ant Prehn & Rod Young, 2000

Sport 15m, 6
25 Bog Cog

Start at the tree in the gully below Fizzgig top wall. Onto wall and traverse out left to clip 1st bolt of Cheap Wine, then straight up the middle of the wall between brackets past Cheap Wine and Fizzgig.

FA: Steve Bullen, 2000

Sport 12m, 2
23 Cheap Wine

The traverse is spacey. Start as for Fizzgig. Up easy ground to steep wall (ringbolt). Traverse out left across wall just above the undercut roof (ringbolt). Up wall at left side of arete (ringbolt) to double bolt belay.

FA: Rod Young & Ant Prehn, 2000

Sport 20m, 7
16 Grot Heap Groove

The corner about 5 meters past Fizzgig. Up the corner to the top.

FA: Jon Muir, Graeme Hill & Ant Prehn, 2000

Trad 15m
19 Grot Heap Grave

Up GH Groove for 8 metres. Step L on horizontal break to gain finger crack of WG. (GH Groove is now 'off'.)

Trad 15m
22 Wallyard Grave

The wall left of Grot Heap Groove. Up the middle of the wall finishing up the thin crack in the wall and top wall.

FA: Jon Muir, 2000

Sport 16m, 8
21 Wallyard Arete

[May 2012 - loweroffs and start ringbolt added]

An excellent direct route with great views The arete left of Wallyard Grave. Follow the arete and right wall past fixed brackets to reach top arete. Climb arete until forced back right onto wall (crux) and up wall past last bracket to lower-offs. - 5 Expansion bolts & 1 RB

FA: Jon Muir

Sport 18m, 8
20 Snakepit

From the top of WGA rappel over edge to the right (facing out) to small ledge. Climb back up wall past rusting bolts.

From the base of WGA walk around left and scramble up to next climbs at a crack with initials 'FOY'

FA: Graeme Hill, 2000

Top rope 6m, 2
12 White Wings

Start at FOY marked chimney. Up and onto ledge on right side of arete. Up the corner past ledges to the top.

FA: Bill James & J Hoy, 2000

Trad 19m
14 Fountain Of Youth

A chimney with an exciting finish. Initialled.

FA: Bill James & James Hoy, 2000

Trad 15m
16 Teno Not Streno

Start in the crack left of Fountain of Youth. Up the line.

FA: James Hoy & Bill James, 2000

Trad 15m
17 Streno Not Teno

Up Teno Not Streno and traverse left across wall past bolt and 2 brackets to another crack. Up wide crack to top.

FFA: Brian Rattenbury, 2000

FA: James Hooy & Bill James, 2000

Mixed 18m, 4
West Face
13 JonnyMorgan

[2012 Mar. NEW] Very last climb on the West Face (as you walk west along the access track ). Or very 1st if you start from the Nitro Wall access gully. Walk past the 'volkswagon' small gully and turn right at the corner and head up the large open gully. 15m up, on your right - the climb with the small cut-out cave

Start up the left side arete , all the way on jugs to the lower-offs at the top ledge

FA: Terry Jackson, 10 Mar 2012

Sport 8m, 4
15 Ragged Range

Start in the small cave, lay-back and head up the right edge of the wall.. stay right until the top. The cave exit contains the crux.

FA: Terry Jackson, 10 Mar 2012

Sport 8m, 4
15 Psicotico

[2012 Mar - NEW] Just around the corner on the right in the Nitro Wall approach Gully. Start just right of the little ground bush. Reach up high for the right hand jug and lay back. Get you feet up and find the 3 finger pocket & clip. Then up, moving left , searching out for those crimps and jugs.

FA: Ryan Godlewski, Graeme Hill & T Ogle, 1974

Sport 7m, 3
8 Volkswagon

These next 3 routes are accessible via a small gully, off right of the main path . Start marked 'V'. The chimney you can see walking up the short gully. To the left os OS. Very shitty.

Trad 5m
8 Outside Space

The crack/corner marked 'SO'. A jug fest. Pretty Iffy.

Trad 6m
17 Blossom

The wall right of 'SO' without using the crack to start. Follow right of the ringbolts to double ring belay. Stay off the jugs/crack to the left . If you didn't reach high up at the 2nd ring-bolt or lay-back on the crimp, then you've gone around the crux!

FA: Mark Woodward

Sport 10m, 4
15 Hangover

[2012 MAR - all new ring bolts.

Tough start then up the juggy steep wall on incut ironstone holds/flakes. Slight incline from the vertical in the mid-half of the climb. 3 rings to double ring belay or up to the top and walk off.

Sport 9m, 4
22 Halt FBI

A harder better version than the original. Start 2 meters left of Quadrille corner. Bouldery moves to start then straight up vague arete to ledge, continue up the easy ground to the top.

Mixed 12m, 1
14 Quadrille

Natural pro. Up the crack to the ledge, then traverse off right until you can get up to the top. Could be top-roped with the Serenity top rings.

CAUTION !! Permanent bees nest in small cave halfway up the route. Makes it hard to do any of the routes on this wall.

FA: Bill James

Trad 15m
16 Pams Pussy

Natural protection. Hand traverse the jamb crack (cams) out right (and dont step on the bloody tree!) When 2 meters past the arete clip the bolt and reach for the high jug then up the wall to the ledge. Clip bolt and finish direct over bulge onto desperate slab.

FA: Graeme Hill & Chunder

Trad 14m
17 Serenity

The arete just right of the start of 'Pams Pussy'. Hand traverse out right to step on the large casuarina to clip the 1st ringbolt. Climb the arete past two more rings to the top. Double ringbolt belay.

FA: Rod + Sue Young, 2000

Sport 11m, 4
18 Roundup

As for Pams Pussy, continues the horizontal jamb crack all the way out right to meet into the top of 'Putain de Puddin'.

FA: Thomas Griffith

Trad 20m
25 Putain de Puddin

According to the old guide book this could be the hardest route on the West face. The middle of the roof protected by ringbolts, left of the line of rusty bolts placed by Bill James years ago and as an aid route. Follow the break right past the rings to gastone in roof.

Punch it out past ring to pockets on the lip. Crank to crimper around lip following flake. Finish at break or proceed through Jungle Of Death!

FA: Paul Westwood & Brian Rattenbury, 2000

Sport 10m
26 Puddin Direct

FA: Johan Szabo

Sport 9m
16 Pulsating Puss

Another one of those roof climbs that looks like it could fall on you! Start in the corner at the righthand side under the large roof (Right of Putain De Pudding).Up the Short corner past bolt to roof, lean out on jugs up over to clip bolt on left. Swing leftward over lip and on up left to follow pedestal (bolt) to top.

Trad 15m
11 Anna Variant

Start as for My Red Slug. Natural pro. Leftward up wall to top.

FA: Bill James & Co.

Trad 12m
20 My Red Slug

Up the easy wall (bolt) to ledge beneath roof. Reach out and clip ringbolt, grovel out roof and mantle on rounds past ringbolt to the top.

FA: Rod Young

Sport 12m, 3
17 Corny Hesitation

[2011 MAR - LOs and 5 new ring bolts added] 'An absolute ripper of a chossy roof'. Very exposed - relatively easy for such a large roof. Start 2m left of 'Juggy Crack'. 13 meters up the wall to the big roof. Reach around left of the nose to clip to edge hidden ringbolt, then crank out over the roof on buckets. Lower offs on right side of roof top.

FA: Chunder & Graeme Hill

Sport 15m, 7
15 Corny Hesitation Pikers Variant

[Mar 2012 pre-roof Lower Offs and 4 ring bolts added]

As for CH, but stop directly below the roof and use the mid under roof lower offs.

FA: Chunder & Graeme Hill, 2000

Sport 12m, 5
8 Juggy Crack

The corner crack marked JC. Up the crack...ahhh thats what number 11 hexes are

FA: Bill James & Co.

Trad 8m
8 Boiling Point

Natural protection. Start 2 meters right of Juggy Crack. Up the wall to the top.

FA: M Robinson, Ogle & Graeme Hill

Trad 12m
12 Stratum

In the corner marked 'S'. Natural protection. Up groove, around roof to the right, then up to the top.

FA: Graeme Hill & I Impeliji

Trad 12m
23 Masters Of The Universe

Bouldery, mind pumping finger work up an undercut arete. Start just right of Stratum. Traverse across the face (bolt) to undercut arete and up to ledge and bollard. Easily up or rap off

FA: Jon Muir

Trad 12m
18 Tear Along The Dotted Line

"A good traverse across a pocketed horizontal weakness". Up wall left of corner as for Book Him Danno Murder One to horizontals (bolt) and keep traversing left to the arete past 2nd bolt. Layback up arete, (bolt) to ledge. From here continue up juggy arete to top or lower off.

FA: Graeme Hill & Chunder

Trad 14m
21 Book Him Danno Murder One

'A mind snapper wall climb' - Hill. Climb the wall just left of the corner (Bills Folly Chimney) to horizontals (bolt) and reach high for hidden hold. One move left and up past 2nd bolt to exit onto ledge. From here continue up easy wall above or lower off.

FA: Graeme Hill, Jon Muir & Ant Prehn, 2000

Trad 12m
9 Bills Folly Chimney

Natural protection. The corner flake crack leading to a dark chimney.

FA: Bill James & Co., 2000

Trad 13m
V2 West Face Grand Traverse

A low traverse of the west face starting in the corner and finishing on the block right of Intrepid. You can climb just above the ledge between Zatidee and Gumtree Wall but its nicer just to walk this bit. Gets a little high off the ground in places, due mostly to the massive amount of soil erosion that's taken place in the last 40 years.

FA: Graeme Hill & R Chunder, 1976

21 The Fixer

[March 2012 - ring bolt lower offs and 4 additional rb added to this route] The West Face test peice for up and comming bumblies. Start just right of 'Bills Folly Chimney'. The short crack to clip 1st ring, thin technical moves, then easy doddle section. Clip ring above roof then crank to glory (crux) onto top wall. 2 Ring bolt loweroffs , 2m above roof.

FA: Rod Young, 2000

Sport 13m, 7
20 Hills Hardmen

Natural and bolt protection. Take 2 brackets and 'freinds'. One hard move near the 1st bolt. The rest is around 17. Up the middle of the easy slab and reach left to clip 1st bolt. Place your feet and hands all on the same hold then crank for the next hold. Easy up to top bulge then bolt protects good top section. Toprope bolts over the top.

FA: Graeme Hill & Chunder, 2000

Mixed 13m, 2
17 Hills Hardon (Variant)

Start as for Hills Hardmen. Up the slab and continue up ramp to the right of the bolt to horizontal, traverse back left into line at tree. Straight up as for HH over top bulge to belay.

Trad 13m
12 Bills Folly

The right hand corner crack. Natural protection. Popular even though it has a wide crack. The corner, step left and over last wide crack to top. Toprope bolts.

FA: Bill James & Co.

Trad 13m
17 Escape Out of The Bedroom Window On Knotted Sheets

[Mar 2012 - all new RB's and they have been repositioned] Start bridging up 'Bills Folly' crack to clip 1st bolt on 'Malignant Falcon' , then up and traverse across wall/ledge to arete. Up arete past bolt to top. Caution: large block midway up arete moves , but its ok, its in solid.

FA: Graeme Hill & Ogle

Sport 12m, 4
19 Malignant Falcon

Starts 1m right of corner 'Bills Folly'. (Small 'friend' under the large flake to protect the 1st move or go up crack and reach across to clip 1st bolt). Pull onto the wall using the large flake. Straight up wall on small holds passing 2nd bolt to small ledge (medium cam or traverse to new arete bolt) Climb on right at arete (reach right over the edge of the arete to clip EOOTBWOKS bolt as you go to the top).

FA: Graeme Hill & Chunder

Sport 12m, 4
19 Synthetic Orgasm

A good climb for tearing your fingernails off and radical cranking' - Hill. Start at initial. DO NOT USE TREE BEHIND YOU!. Bouldery start on thin sharp holds to launch (fixed bracket) and straight up past 2nd bracket onto arete. Final easy moves up EOOTBWOKS past bolt to the top.

FA: Graeme Hill & Chunder

Sport 11m, 4
25 Goober Grease

Pull up to the undercling slot in the roof then core your way left 2m to the lip. Struggle to clip the 3rd bolt then crank over the lip and up to the 2 rings passing alot of moss as you go!

Start: Start to the left of 'One Blank Wall' under the roof.

FA: Steve Bullen & Ant Prehn

Sport 10m, 4
14 Jacky

Natural protection. A good route, start at 'J'. Up shorte arete to crack in lip of roof that comes across from Goober Grease. Up the crack then follow some bulges to exit.

FA: Ogle & Graeme Hill

Trad 13m
16 Save Our Souls

Starts as for Jacky, not very popular. Up the short arete to crack. Using side of crack climb climb up slightly right to corner in roof. Climb past old peg up to roof. Contort around roof and grovel up!

FA: Ant Prehn & Graeme Hill

Trad 13m
18 One Blank Wall LH Variant

climb left using the arete - 'mouth piece' shaped chunk of rock included

Sport 12m, 4
20 One Blank Wall and 3 Bloody Rooves

A classic wall and roof climb. Start in middle of wall left of corner. Up middle of blank looking wall. At first bolt, don't use big undercling on left. Reach up high to flake under roof ( crux ), up over bulges past rings to double ring belay.

Sport 12m, 5
12 Iria

Another old trad route. Natural protection. Up the corner to ledge (ususally covered in leaves, wet sand and other crud), short corner to toprope belay on ledge or escape up right to the top.

FA: Bill James & Co.

Trad 10m
17 Space Trucken

[Dec. 2011 - all new steel ring bolts & lower offs]

Up the wall without deviation to the side (the middle of the wall between 'Iria' and 'Nursery') - a couple of fine moves . Pull onto wall using 3 finger pocket and clip the 1st ring, then a deadpoint to reach a nice flake. Move slightly left for toe hold and reach up for the edge, clipping 2nd ring. Up to ledge, clip bolt on very short block and reach up to the ring belay.

FA: Ogle & Graeme Hill, 1981

Sport 10m, 4
8 Nursery

A trad route for beginners on their first climb. Start at the crack in the middle of the wall then pull 1m right and up the jugs. Step back left for the final crack, or go direct the whole way (a tad harder). Bolt belay at ledge or exit up to the right.

FA: Bill James & Co.

Trad 10m
14 Angelic

The climb starts at the same place as Nursery, but you go straight up the crack. It is all naturally protected.

FA: Angela Young, Graeme Hill & Jon Muir R Chunder Bill James Frank Hodges Bill Price D Thomas, 1 May 2013

Trad 10m
6 Nurlegs

V-groove left of 'Crawdad'

FA: B Hurley & Bill James

Trad 10m
20 Crawdad

[Dec 2012 - new bolt added before roof ] Fine climbing up an excellent wall. Up the arete and wall left of Short Legs and overhang passing 3 ring bolts to belay bolts at top.

FA: Chunder & Graeme Hill

Sport 12m, 5
16 Short Legs

[Dec 2012 - new steel RB's and lower off] Very Popular . An old classic. Tough linear start , or approach from the left traversing across the ledge. Up recessed edge, pull up right at bulge, then straight up wall to top overhang and over the top.

FA: Bill James & Co.

Sport 12m, 4
18 Short Fingers

[Dec 2012 - replace carrots with steel ring bolts. Use 'Short Legs' for lower off] The arete left of 'Fingers'. Starting at initials, reach up and pull up overhanging start to bolt. Up the arete past another bolt to easy ground. Continue as for fingers to the top.

FA: Chunder & Graeme Hill

Sport 15m, 5
18 Fingers

[Dec. 2011 - ring bolt lower offs added] Run-out and slightly contrived but excellent. Trickey start onto thin wall and clip. Up the middle of (without pulling left onto the arete for a rest!). Up the easy ground (bolt) to pull over final easy overhang to lower offs.

FA: Ant Prehn, Jon Muir & Graeme Hill

Sport 12m, 5
13 Bangers & Flash

Natural and bolt protection. Run-out and slightly contrived but excellent. Small freind or nut to start. Onto thin wall and clip fixed bracket. Up the middle of (without pulling left onto the arete for a rest!). A #2 cam placement appears as it eases. Up the easy ground (bolt) to pull over final easy overhang to toprope/belay bolts.

FA: Ant Prehn, Jon Muir & Graeme Hill

Trad 12m
13 Zatidee

An old crack climb. Natural protection. Up the cracks past the old bolt marks. Two carrots at top to anchor/top rope

FA: Bill James & Co.

Mixed 12m, 1
21 Cooky Crap Direct

(Boulder problem - Toprope) This boulder problem goes straight up the wall 21BP between Zatidee and Crust For Crust without using a hold in either. Setup the toprope from the bolts above approximately 2/3's of the way up the cliff. Access is near the top of Gum Tree Wall or at the top of the cliff. If the start is easy then you're cheating and using holds that aren't allowed!

FA: Chunder & Graeme Hill

Boulder 8m
14 Crust For Crust

Natural protection. Good but too short. The finger jam flake and wall.

FA: Graeme Hill & Ogle

Trad 6m
10 Ashes To Dust

Worthless. The chimney

FA: Bill James & Co.

Trad 5m
17 Cacaphonic Cockroach Crap

Boulder problem or toprope. Start 2m around left from Gum Tree Wall on the left side of the arete. Up the overhanging arete making sure you do not use any holds that are on the right hand face of the arete until you reach the horizontal break at the top.

Boulder 6m
11 Gum Tree Wall

A popular incut slab. It is not recommended that you lead this route if only climbing grade 11. Start lower down, pull onto the wall and towards the right side of the face. Up the eroded front-face arete to the 1st bolt. On the last move to the LO's look for the right-hand under bolder hold

FA: Graeme Hill & Ogle

Sport 10m, 4
20 Hernia

Once a classic death route. Start 3m down left of Brigetta under the overhang. Battle up the juggy overhang (ringbolt), step up to overhang wall (ringbolt) and climb up to lip. Rightward on good holds to ramp. Up to double rings on your left.

FA: Chunder & Graeme Hill

Sport 10m, 3
15 Brigetta

[2012 Oct - LO & additional RB's] The middle of the wall between Hernia and Brigetta6 but starting down low, right of Hernia. Pull over past overhang ring onto slab and continue straight up wall to the top.

FA: 1975

Sport 16m, 6
15 Brigetta 6

[2012 Oct - LO's added]

Climb up leftward ramp past #1 cam pocket to easy wall. Straight up wall past bolts to arete. Straight up arete to LO bolts.

FA: Bill James & Co., 1975

Sport 14m, 5
16 Brigetta 2

Start on slabby wall as for Brigetta6. Up to cam#1 pocket on left, step right and straight up wall (past fixed bracket) to horizontal break. Climb past horizontal using arete on left (don't grovel up the crack!). Up to LO's.

FA: Chunder, 1975

Mixed 14m, 1
16 Getts Up and Goes

[New - April 2012] Gaston start, to layback, up horizontal flakes , pull out fingernails to reach the major ledge. Up sheeding sandstone bulge, find that high pull-up bar - but careful on that last 'exposed' move to the Loweroffs platform ! A common solo problem cleaned up with some useful bolts.

FFA: Graeme Hill, Muir & Prehn

FA: Terry Jackson, 7 Apr 2012

Sport 12m, 5
10 Brigetta 3

A totally contrived route. Up slab left of PEC without using chimney.

FA: Graeme Hill & Chunder

Trad 8m
10 Piss Easy Chimney

A piss easy chimney. It doesn't seem very popular! Up the chimney... Every man and his dog

Trad 7m
10 Nifty Neville

Would be a good wall climb if not for the big tree in the way. Sling the tree and climb the jugs on the left arete...or just climb the tree!

FA: Graeme Hill & Chunder

Trad 6m
17 Piece of Piss Direct

[April 2012 - new steel ringbolts all the way] An excellent short route. Start beneath the eroded pocket , layback and get your feet up high and right. Kneebar into the pocket and get that righthand up to the jug. Clip the 1st RB and head left around the arete and up you go.

FA: Graeme Hill & Chunder

Sport 9m, 4
17 Upward Progress

"A line of mighty power making all who walk beneath it cringe in eternal brooding fear" - Hill

Ooookay, yeah, its not a bad problem. Up compact wall to horizontal break, 2 small cam placements in horizontal, then layback off right hand using the right as an undercling. Kick left foot up into the little pocket , crank over left hand, reach for the small hold with the right high above your head. Chalk up left hand, crank off right hand, bring up right foot and reach for buckets at the top!

FA: Graeme Hill & Chunder

Trad 6m
9 Broad Side of the Barn

The off-width...

FA: Graeme Hill & Ogle

Trad 6m
14 Intrepid Variant

Boulder problem or toprope. A fingery short wall without using left edge of wall (side of offwidth). Up the middle of the wall for 4m and avoid last move. 2 Carrots for top rope.

FA: Chunder

Top rope 6m, 1
10 Intrepid

The short curving crack... ewwww

FA: Ogle & Graeme Hill

Trad 5m
V2 Arete by left hand side

Arete between Intrepid and Golden Years. Very good boulder problem.

Boulder 5m
V3 Safety First

On the wall immediately to the right of The Arete By The Left Hand Side. Very thin up wall to the top.

FA: Jon Muir & Graeme Hill

15 Golden Years

Marked with initials. The flake, a roof and to top.

FA: Jon Muir, Ant Prehn & Dave Thomas

Trad 6m
22 TTO

Top rope problem - . Start 2m left of TT. Follow the holds out roof and grovel over lip. Used to have a peg in the crack which has since rusted away and fallen out.

Trad 7m
19 Turkeys Take Off

[Feb 2012 - added steel lower offs] "This is a gem of a roof climb". Start at the TT initials. Up overhung wall to clip ringbolt, up under roof, move right (ringbolt) until jugs over roof can be reached. Swing out left ... remembering to clip 3rd ring over lip as you go and mantle over top arete and up.

FA: Ant Prehn, Ferret & Graeme Hill

Sport 9m
18 Pig

[Feb 2012 - steel loweroffs added] The undercut arete 2m right of 'Turkeys Take Off'. Up to ringbolt, pull over onto arete, up easily reaching left up arete to clip ring on Turkeys Take Off. Continue straight up to top reaching left to clip bolt above roof on Turkeys Take Off. Then on to Lower offs

FA: Stapleton & Humphries

Sport 9m, 4
18 Toothless Turkey

The middle of the wall 5m right of Pig. Bulgy start, then shoot for mother bucket at 2nd ringbolt. Up to top.

FA: Graeme Hill & Ferret

Sport 9m
17 Tyrannosaurus Turkey

A snappy little bit of ball tearing work. Start right of tree at undercut wall. Undercling start then up wall to the top.

FA: Ant Prehn & Graeme Hill

Trad 8m
20 Extra Terrestrial Turkey

* An excellent problem on good rock. A good start makes the climb. Over roof (clip ringbolt), up wall (passing 2nd ringbolt) to top. Toprope rings

FA: Ferret, Ant Prehn & Graeme Hill

Sport 7m
22 Fade Out

Desperate! Climb the scooping wall right of Extra Terrestrial Turkey 2 carrots.

FA: Ant Prehn

Mixed 5m, 2
19 Dark Side Of The Turkey

"A brilliant climb. Devious and awkward. It turned me into a newt - but I got better again" - Ant Prehn. Up the wall at initials.

FA: Ant Prehn, Graeme Hill & Ferret

Trad 6m

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