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In Jul 2014 theCrag community made 19,590 updates and and added 377 new members.

Rank Climber Karma
1 Gernot Goluch 52,761points
2 HowC 32,378points
3 Robert 16,493points
4 8,769points
5 Martin Busch 7,613points
6 Smaragdler#02 4,010points
7 Christopher Glastonbury 3,828points
8 2,756points
9 Melwin Quacke 1,991points
10 Michael Heier 1,878points
11 Martin Unger 1,410points
12 1,352points
13 Samuel Zsivkovits 1,120points
14 pinch 1,050points
15 Robert Murray 731points
16 Christian Knoflach 679points
17 Marcus Zurhorst 669points
18 James Crosswell 581points
19 iese 486points
20 Leo Seib 307points
21 Philip 210points
22 Christian 198points
23 190points
24 Brian 173points
25 Brendan Heywood 150points

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