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Rank Climber Karma
1 Romain 5,138points
2 Yves Froyen 2,238points
3 1,525points
4 Adriaan Gabriƫls 857points
5 Paul Slattery 560points
6 Erik Lucas 341points
7 Robin Hogger 112points
8 Gijs Hovens 108points
9 Armand Cretz 86points
10 Niekolaas 84points
11 niels wagemaker 70points
12 Mark Punt 60points
13 Melwin Quacke 50points
14 Ananta 30points
15 Wim 26points
16 Jan Weetjens 20points
17 Dan Uneken 9points
18 van der Leede 8points
19 John Matthews 4points
19 @stoneface 4points
21 Jelmer Bos 3points
21 Maya 3points
21 Donald Gibson 3points
24 Claire 2points
24 Ruben van Walen 2points

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