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1. Brasília 1 route in Region

All Sport

Long/Lat: -47.794183, -15.781905

Unique Features And Strengths:

The capital of Brazil.

1.1. Belchior 1 route in Crag


Long/Lat: -47.756138, -15.129478

Unique Features And Strengths:

The complex process of limestone has graduations varied mainly between 5a and 8c.


One of the places for sport and traditional climbing near Brasília city. It is located inside of Selva de Pedra farm.

Access Issues:

Private land. Access: Free - Powered by AEP (


It is 120km far from Plano Piloto neighborhood in Brasília city. Located in Águas Frias province.

1.1.1. Salão Principal 0 routes in Sector

1.1.2. L 0 routes in Sector

1.1.3. Primata 0 routes in Sector

1.2. FERCAL 0 routes in Crag

1.2.1. Setor 1 0 routes in Sector

1.2.2. Setor 2 0 routes in Sector

1.3. Cocalzinho de GO 0 routes in Crag

1.3.1. Pista 0 routes in Sector

1.3.2. Eco-Vila 0 routes in Sector

1.3.3. Cinematográfico 0 routes in Sector