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In Mar 2014 theCrag community made 18,699 updates and and added 465 new members.

Rank Climber Karma
1 Hugo Castro de Barcellos 4,142points
2 Marcus Brubaker 3,892points
3 Rafael 507points
5 Nadja Becker Ferraz 288points
6 Will Monks 177points
7 125points
8 Marcia Y Kanzaki 122points
9 Ivan 95points
10 Marcio A Carvalho 57points
10 Julio Donati 57points
12 Marcio Guimaraes 42points
13 BERA 35points
14 Tacio Philip 20points
14 Gustavo Soares Souza 20points
16 Guilherme Fonseca 19points
17 Pedro Novaes 11points
18 @holocantus 10points
19 Sergio 2points
19 Maurice Assis 2points
21 Rafael 1point
21 Philipe Zan 1point
21 Erik 1point
21 Luiz 1point
21 Mark Macleod 1point

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