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A set of boulders near the Calabogie Main Cliff.

Access issues inherited from Calabogie

Currently no access issues.


Take 417 west from Ottawa, it becomes 17, then turn left on Calabogie Road - county road 208. Turn left onto it, and drive past Calabogie resort. About 2.3 km past the resort, at the top of the 3rd hill will be a small pull-off (room for 4 or 5 cars) on the right. Park here.

A wide dirt/gravel/rock path should be visible directly accross the road from the parking. Stay on the path for about 20 minutes until you come to a pond on your left. Do not get suckered into wandering off right to the top of the cliff before you reach the pond.

To the right of the pond, you'll see a small path the leads to the Eagle's Nest lookout point. While some plaques mark the main trail, there's a "huge" plaque setting out the history of the area on the path that leads to the lookout. Walk through the woods to the left of this sign, through a clearing, and down towards the edge of the cliff until you reach an obvious descent trail. This trail cuts down and to the right if you're looking out from the cliff. There may be some remains of orange tape flagged on some of the trees.

The descent trail has a bit of loose soil in parts. Follow the trail down and at the bottom go left, over some scree, and into the woods. The first area you come to is a small clearing with some piles of choss. Keep walking. The next clearing contains three boulders to the far right: Yuppie Rock, The Orbital, and Tigerlily. If your back is to the cliff, a fairly clear path leads straight from this area to the rest of the boulders to the right.


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