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The Western Cwm is a group of cliffs around a cwm, containing a mixture of easy trad and sport up to some very hard sport.

The northern (left) side of the Cwm is currently open to climbing for most of the cliffs. Some cliffs in the center have been closed since about 2005. The southern (right) side of the Cwm has recently (fall 2010) been closed to climbing by the NCC.

Access issues inherited from Eardley Escarpment

The Eardley escarpment is contained in Gatineau park, managed by the National Capital Commission (NCC). The NCC has closed climbing at all but a few of the crags. As of 2011, only Home Cliff (main corner area and rightwards to Piton Highway), Western Cwm (left or western side), the Twin Ribs (Copa Cabana and Down Under), and Eastern Block are open for climbing.

Cliff-top access is permitted only at Home Cliff and Western Cwm, at other crags climbs must be climbed from ground up.

And, as of fall 2017, the link that was valid in spring (below) is now invalid. Some info at:

The NCC's climbing information, including closures for nesting Peregrine falcons, is available (link valid as of spring 2017) at: .


From the Luskville Falls picnic area parking lot at the far end from the entrance, follow the equestrian/hiking trail down into a gorge, over a bridge and back out again. It will open out a bit on the left, and after a large boulder just to the right of the trail, there will be a trail (marked by a cairn and little wooden placards with a carabiner icon) leading up and right off the equestrian trail. Follow the trail until a metal signpost on a tree, and branch left and up at this point, skirting some gentle slabs along the left, until going up and over them (some directional carabiner signs). Off the back side of the slabs though a short wooded bit, then up a short scramble will lead to the cliff. The trail arrives at the section below Spindrift Wall and Cave Wall.

About 30 minutes.

Descent notes

Rappel off anchors -- cliff-top access or down-hiking is not allowed.

Ethic inherited from Eardley Escarpment

No new development or bolting allowed. Strong tradition of leaving trad routes trad, even if badly run-out.


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