Topo #3254

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Route Grade Popularity Style
2 *** Moonlight

The left hand of the two obvious ice lines. Climb direct to a two bolt belay in the obvious cave (45m). Climb out of the cave left or right about 30m to the snow slope, to an ice screw belay before the last, somewhat easier 30m to a tree belay (final pitch not on topo). Abseil via belay stations with a v-thread close to the base if using a single rope.

WI4 III Ice 110m 3 Unlink route
3 Snowline

Climb thin ice to the right of Moonlight. Ice thickens towards the top. A 60m rope will see an ice screw belay to the right of the obvious tree at the top of the ice visible from the base. A more comfortable belay is to be had with a 70m rope. Final 30m pitch up easier ice to a choice of tree belays (final pitch not on topo). Descend down moonlight to save v-threading, otherwise abseil of top tree anchor to tree at top of first pitch, then to v-thread in ice part way down the first pitch.

WI4 III Ice 100m 2 Unlink route
4 2 Low 4 Zero
WI3 III Ice 90m Unlink route

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