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The right wing shaped band of upper cliff.


The right wing shaped band of upper cliff.

This is the main developed area at Lac Sam.

A rope has been installed along the base of the cliff, as the base is not flat, is a bit loose, a bit steep, and a bit exposed in places.

Access issues inherited from Lac Sam

The cliffs are on crown land.


This is the cliff band nearest to where the approach trail reaches the top of the ridge line -- down and (skier's) right from that point.

From the intersection of the approach trail and the ridge-top trail, proceed about 10m along the ridge-top trail before turning left onto a descent towards the cliff that angles down and rightwards. (If you climb to a high-point on the ridge-top trail, you've gone too far.)

This will bring you out to some anchors at the top of "Sunday Morning Stroll" and "Ovipositor". At this point, rappelling to the base is the best choice, and the hand-drawn sketch should help with finding rappel/TR anchor points.

All the rappels except the (skier's) left-most anchor (top of Scylla and Charybdis) are 30m or less, and that one is about 35m.

There is a scramble down about 200m (skier's) left of the anchors, but it is loose dirt and scree, hard to spot, and not recommended.

Ethic inherited from Lac Sam

New routes welcome. Please document them on the crag.

Bolting fine; rap-bolting fine. Please bolt for safe sport or mixed routes. If a route is almost completely bolted, bolt it as sport, rather than leaving just a couple of gear placement needed on an otherwise sport route.

There is lots of rock, try to avoid squeeze jobs.

If something has been climbed on gear, please don't retro-bolt without FA's consent.



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