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If you know where this cliff is the please take a minute to locate it for the climbing community. contact us if you have any issues.


Small crag near the parking.

Be careful with the Squamish Select guide book (2012 edition, at least), because the picture is only of the right half of the crag, which is not at all clear at first.

Access issues inherited from Smoke Bluffs

Some cliffs are on private land, and closed. Others are close to private homes -- please keep the noise level down near homes, and do not anchor off fences, hydro towers, or anything else that is similar.


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Lots of climbs left of this that are not described or pictured in the 2002 edition of Squamish Select. This is not clear from the guide or photo itself. (Nor route listing and topo photo herein, as it was taken from a similar vantage point.)

5.8 ** (unknown name) Trad 25m

Climb the clean-looking left-leaning crack left of Fairy Ring. The crack angles across above the break in the face the creates a bit of a roof.

5.6 Fairy Ring Trad 20m

Climb the hand-sized to wider crack near the center of the cliff.

FA: Dave Jones

5.7 Turkey Dinner Trad 20m

FA: J & L Kokotailo

5.9 Lonely Thunder Trad 20m

FA: Eric Clemson

5.10a * Koko Crack Trad 20m

FA: J & L Kokotailo

5.7 Popsickle Trad 18m

A crack diagonally up and left; the last distinct crack line left of the mixture of broken cracks in dark rock that is Pieces of Eight.

5.7 Pieces of Eight Left Trad 15m

The dark streak on the right side of the wall with a bunch of nearby and broken cracks up it can be climbed in a multitude of ways at varying degrees of difficulty.

FA: D Jones & S Sheffield

5.10c Pieces of Eight Right Trad 15m

The right end of the Pieces of Eight section has some harder lines.

FA: D Jones & S Sheffield

5.10b Hornet's Delight Trad 10m

FA: D Jones & S Sheffield


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