Topo #10768 - Krack Rock - right

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Route Grade Popularity Style
1 (unknown name)

Climb the clean-looking left-leaning crack left of Fairy Ring. The crack angles across above the break in the face the creates a bit of a roof.

5.8 Trad 25m Unlink route
2 Fairy Ring

Climb the hand-sized to wider crack near the center of the cliff.

5.6 Trad 20m Unlink route
3 Turkey Dinner
5.7 Trad 20m Unlink route
4 Lonely Thunder
5.9 Trad 20m Unlink route
5 Koko Crack
5.10a Trad 20m Unlink route
6 Popsickle

A crack diagonally up and left; the last distinct crack line left of the mixture of broken cracks in dark rock that is Pieces of Eight.

5.7 Trad 18m Unlink route
7 Pieces of Eight Left

The dark streak on the right side of the wall with a bunch of nearby and broken cracks up it can be climbed in a multitude of ways at varying degrees of difficulty.

5.7 Trad 15m Unlink route
8 Pieces of Eight Right

The right end of the Pieces of Eight section has some harder lines.

5.10c Trad 15m Unlink route

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