Access issues inherited from Squamish

There are occasional crags that are on private land (and closed) -- but generally climbing is well accepted and welcomed at the various crags and areas around Squamish.


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Grade Route
1 5.10c
2 5.11a
3 5.11a
4 5.12a
5 5.12b
6 5.11b
7 5.10c
8 5.10d
1 5.10d 31m
2 5.10a 10m
3 5.10c 31m
4 5.10d 20m
5 5.12b 40m
6 5.10c 27m
7 5.10d 15m
1 5.11d 28m
2 5.12a 25m
3 5.12d 27m
1 5.11a
2 5.12a
3 5.11b

The most expensive climb in squamish. Careful of loose rock

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