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Grade Route Quality Style Crag Climber Date
5.8 Adagio Trad 80m Weir Yannick Pesant
Fri 25th Jul '14
5.8 Adagio Classic Trad 80m Weir
Sun 18th Aug '13

Followed pitches 1, 3, and 4. Lead pitch 2 which I followed the previous time I climbed it.

5.8 Adagio Very Good Trad 80m Weir Phil Price
Thu 12th Jul '12

Backed off the traverse under the roof. Need to sort out this head thing? Real proper climbing here, like in my dreams

5.8 Adagio Very Good Trad 80m Weir
Thu 12th Jul '12

Generally good protection, a lot of variety in the problems, and some outstanding views. I led pitch 1 (5.7 variant), which goes well with good protection. I sent Phil up pitch 2 & 3 to link them. He got the traverse to belay 2, and the crack up to the roof fine, but backed down from the traverse under the roof. I took over, finished the traverse to a belay on a platform on the arete. Pitch 4 goes hard right off the platform, on small nuts, but, the hard bit is fairly short.

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