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1. Chile 101 routes in Region

Mostly Sport

Long/Lat: -71.961119, -39.054012

1.1. El Maray 6 routes in Crag

Mostly Unknown

1.2. Santiago 81 routes in Crag

All Sport

Long/Lat: -70.631545, -33.215552

1.2.1. Las Chilcas 0 routes in Crag

Unique Features And Strengths:

Basically the first sport crag near Santiago.


This used to be one of the easiest and shortest approached crags in Chile, with parking and cliffs just off the highway. Unfortunately, the highway is currently (April 2014) under construction in this region and access to the cliffs is unclear. It should still be possible to hike back from the Torofrut store and restaurant near Llaillay but the construction equipment combined with the highway makes this a less than desirable area to climb right now.

1.2.2. Chacabuco 0 routes in Crag

1.2.3. Cajón del Maipo 50 routes in Area


Long/Lat: -70.391978, -33.577032

1.2.4. El Arrayán 31 routes in Crag


Long/Lat: -70.455071, -33.334217

Unique Features And Strengths:

Beautiful setting with many well bolted sport routes.


Known as "El Bosque Mágical" (The Magical Forest), this area is beautiful. The base of the cliff is well shaded, making it comfortable to climb even on the hottest summer days. The rock is basalt and the routes tend to be more technical than physical. The routes are all bolted to modern standards and there are a range of difficulties, ranging from 5.6 to 5.13s and up. The area can get quite busy on the weekends but will be quieter during the week.

Access Issues:

On private land. The land owner Eduardo will come by to collect a small fee ($1000 pesos, about $2US) per person. Please respect the land by packing out all your trash and staying on the stone lined paths.


Take the road Camino del Cajón until the pavement ends and park here, roughly at S33.333284, W70.462260 . From here walk further along the dirt road until a gated, private dirt road branches off to the right. Follow this through the gate until you reach a dry river bed. On the left is a stone lined path. Take this until you reach the crag.


This area has only recently been developed, starting around 2006.

1.3. San Pedro de Atacama 5 routes in Crag

All Unknown

1.3.1. Tocanao 5 routes in Area


1.3.2. Socaire 0 routes in Area

1.4. Laguna Sofia 0 routes in Crag

1.5. Cerro Dorotea 0 routes in Crag

1.6. Silla del Diablo 0 routes in Crag

1.7. Valle de los Cóndores 1 route in Sector

All Trad

Long/Lat: -70.559447, -35.968459

1.7.1. Choco Troco 1 route in Cliff


Long/Lat: -70.565389, -35.969298

1.7.2. Pared Talca 0 routes in Cliff

1.7.3. Zona Volátil 0 routes in Cliff

1.7.4. Zona Bajo Presión 0 routes in Cliff

1.7.5. Los 40 Especialistas 0 routes in Cliff

1.7.6. Zona Escuela 0 routes in Cliff

1.7.7. Zona La Cocina 0 routes in Cliff

1.7.8. Zona Las Bandurrias 0 routes in Cliff

1.7.9. Viejo Continente 0 routes in Cliff

1.7.10. Los Huasamacos del Sur 0 routes in Cliff

1.7.11. La Trancadera 0 routes in Cliff

1.7.12. El Salto 0 routes in Cliff

1.7.13. La Cárcel 0 routes in Cliff

1.8. Araucanía Region 8 routes in Area

All Sport

Long/Lat: -72.285795, -38.656910

Unique Features And Strengths:

Beautiful location and lots of routes

1.8.1. El Cerduo - Pucón 8 routes in Crag


Long/Lat: -71.870854, -39.347577


From Pucon way to Caburga a few kilometers past the airport Pucon (almost leaving Pucon) found a sign on the right hand signaled to the Cerduo and a dirt road 7 exact kms is the rock by hand right. In any case the site has been enhanced for tourism so find a lot of signs which signals to the climbing area. There are two sectors, starting right hand equipped in the summer of 2012 which has three tracks and the other classic, is about 200 meters over the road where most roads are one.

It is important that the place is private land and the owner charged for passing scalar price has changed over time but not exceeding two thousand pesos per person. It is possible to camp in the same place or qualified to do so by the owner sector.