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Table of contents

1. Santiago 81 routes in Crag

All Sport

Long/Lat: -70.631545, -33.215552

1.1. Las Chilcas 0 routes in Crag

Unique Features And Strengths:

Basically the first sport crag near Santiago.


This used to be one of the easiest and shortest approached crags in Chile, with parking and cliffs just off the highway. Unfortunately, the highway is currently (April 2014) under construction in this region and access to the cliffs is unclear. It should still be possible to hike back from the Torofrut store and restaurant near Llaillay but the construction equipment combined with the highway makes this a less than desirable area to climb right now.

1.2. Chacabuco 0 routes in Crag

1.3. Cajón del Maipo 50 routes in Area


Long/Lat: -70.391978, -33.577032

1.3.1. Las Palestras/El Manzano 50 routes in Crag

All Sport

Long/Lat: -70.391942, -33.577041 Zona Todo por Nada 10 routes in Sector
RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 Colodromo 5.10a Sport
2 Paranoia 5.11c Sport
3 Esquizofrenia 5.11a Sport
4 Anchimamprens 5.11b Sport
5 Con olor a once 5.11a Sport
6 De Kiruza 5.12d Sport
7 Topo Gigio 5.11a Sport
8 Todo por nada 5.9 Sport
9 Copihue 5.11d Sport
10 Michelin 5.11d Sport Zona de Hidrofobia 9 routes in Sector
RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 Marullo 5.13c Sport
2 Luna Roja 5.11c Sport
3 Macho Man 5.11d Sport
4 El Cartucho 5.12b Sport
5 Adiccion 5.12a Sport
6 El Escultor 5.12a Sport
7 Entre Cejas 5.13a Sport
8 Manjar de Dedos 5.12d Sport
9 Hidrofobia 5.12a Sport Zona de Popeye 4 routes in Sector
RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 Tu hermana 5.11d Sport
2 El araucano 5.12d Sport
3 Leproso 5.12a Sport
4 Popeye 5.11b Sport Zona de La Fogata 13 routes in Sector
RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 Tutti fruti 5.10c Sport 1m
2 ** La Fogata 5.10a AU:18 Sport 28m
3 Venus 5.10d Sport
4 Mamagallo 5.10b AU:18 Sport 25m
5 La peta 5.10b Sport
6 Espirales 5.10d Sport
7 Icaro 5.11c Sport
8 Cochero pare 5.11b Sport
9 X nada hacia la eternidad 5.11b Sport
10 Alucinaciones 5.11a Sport
11 Sambomba 5.11a Sport
12 Ocho Pinocho / Ocho Pinochio 5.11b AU:23 Sport 25m
13 Exponencial 5.9 AU:17 Sport 20m Zona de Constelaciones 14 routes in Sector
RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 Estrecho de Magallanes / Estrecho Maganelles 5.7 AU:17 Sport 20m
2 Principiante / Principante 5.6 AU:16 Sport 15m
3 Sueños catbáticos / Sueno Kabaticus 5.10a AU:18 Sport 30m
4 Ratonil / Ratokil 5.9 AU:16 Sport 30m
5 Quetzal 5.13b Sport
6 Capitán Pingaloca 5.12c Sport
7 Geisha 5.11d Sport 20m
8 Presto 5.10d Sport
9 Metolius 5.10c Sport 18m
10 * Constelaciones 5.9 Sport 25m
11 Pajaritos 5.8 Sport 30m
12 Ruta escuela 1 / Blue crack 5.7 Sport 20m
13 Ruta escuela 2 / Red crack 5.7 Sport 20m
14 Inspiraciones 5.9 Sport

1.3.2. Los Manyos 0 routes in Crag

1.4. El Arrayán 31 routes in Crag


Long/Lat: -70.455071, -33.334217

Unique Features And Strengths:

Beautiful setting with many well bolted sport routes.


Known as "El Bosque Mágical" (The Magical Forest), this area is beautiful. The base of the cliff is well shaded, making it comfortable to climb even on the hottest summer days. The rock is basalt and the routes tend to be more technical than physical. The routes are all bolted to modern standards and there are a range of difficulties, ranging from 5.6 to 5.13s and up. The area can get quite busy on the weekends but will be quieter during the week.

Access Issues:

On private land. The land owner Eduardo will come by to collect a small fee ($1000 pesos, about $2US) per person. Please respect the land by packing out all your trash and staying on the stone lined paths.


Take the road Camino del Cajón until the pavement ends and park here, roughly at S33.333284, W70.462260 . From here walk further along the dirt road until a gated, private dirt road branches off to the right. Follow this through the gate until you reach a dry river bed. On the left is a stone lined path. Take this until you reach the crag.


This area has only recently been developed, starting around 2006.

1.4.1. Zona 1 10 routes in Sector

All Sport

The first area on your left when entering. Contains several harder routes.

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 Pata de vaca 5.12a Sport
2 Por Tutatis 5.12c Sport
3 Wena choro 5.12c Sport
4 La cadena 5.12b Sport
5 Piteate un flaite 5.12a Sport
6 La wenasa 5.10d Sport
7 Tu culito saca llama 5.11b Sport
8 Ramera rencorosa 5.12d Sport
9 El diedro 5.10c Sport
10 Quiltro 5.13 Sport

1.4.2. Zona 2 7 routes in Sector

All Sport
RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 Tranquitronco 5.11c Sport
2 Kiltro 5.13 Sport
3 Sika gay 5.12d Sport
4 Geko 5.13d Sport
5 Ojo piojo 5.12c Sport
6 Chapa la que cuelga 5.11a Sport
7 La leona 5.12b Sport

1.4.3. Zona 3 11 routes in Sector

All Sport
RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 Taco de gato 5.10d Sport
2 Pasa la quina 5.11a Sport
3 Caupolican 5.10b Sport
4 La señora de Caupolican 5.10d Sport
5 Jesu 5.11a Sport
6 Diedro de Andrés 5.9 Sport
7 Le ley de Murphy 5.11b Sport
8 Ándate tranqui 5.11b Sport
9 Unknown 1 5.11b Sport
10 Unknown 2 5.8 Sport
11 Unknown 3 5.6 Sport

1.4.4. Zona 4 3 routes in Sector

All Sport

The cliff to the right (south) upon entering.

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 Missis Robinson 5.10c Sport
2 Arrancando del marido 5.11b Sport
3 Las lecciones

Climb technical face and corner moves straight up inside a large corner under a roof. Pull the roof to good holds and continue up and left with easier moves.

5.10d Sport

2. Index by grade

Grade Stars Name Style Area
5.6 Unknown 3 Sport 1.4.3. Zona 3
5.7 Ruta escuela 1 Sport 20m Zona de Constelaciones
Ruta escuela 2 Sport 20m Zona de Constelaciones
5.8 Pajaritos Sport 30m Zona de Constelaciones
Unknown 2 Sport 1.4.3. Zona 3
5.6 Principiante Sport 15m Zona de Constelaciones
5.9 Ratonil Sport 30m Zona de Constelaciones
Todo por nada Sport Zona Todo por Nada
* Constelaciones Sport 25m Zona de Constelaciones
Inspiraciones Sport Zona de Constelaciones
Diedro de Andrés Sport 1.4.3. Zona 3
5.7 Estrecho de Magallanes Sport 20m Zona de Constelaciones
5.9 Exponencial Sport 20m Zona de La Fogata
5.10a Colodromo Sport Zona Todo por Nada
** La Fogata Sport 28m Zona de La Fogata
Sueños catbáticos Sport 30m Zona de Constelaciones
5.10b Mamagallo Sport 25m Zona de La Fogata
La peta Sport Zona de La Fogata
Caupolican Sport 1.4.3. Zona 3
5.10c Tutti fruti Sport 1m Zona de La Fogata
Metolius Sport 18m Zona de Constelaciones
El diedro Sport 1.4.1. Zona 1
Missis Robinson Sport 1.4.4. Zona 4
5.10d Espirales Sport Zona de La Fogata
Venus Sport Zona de La Fogata
Presto Sport Zona de Constelaciones
La wenasa Sport 1.4.1. Zona 1
La señora de Caupolican Sport 1.4.3. Zona 3
Taco de gato Sport 1.4.3. Zona 3
Las lecciones Sport 1.4.4. Zona 4
5.11a Con olor a once Sport Zona Todo por Nada
Esquizofrenia Sport Zona Todo por Nada
Topo Gigio Sport Zona Todo por Nada
Alucinaciones Sport Zona de La Fogata
Sambomba Sport Zona de La Fogata
Chapa la que cuelga Sport 1.4.2. Zona 2
Jesu Sport 1.4.3. Zona 3
Pasa la quina Sport 1.4.3. Zona 3
5.11b Anchimamprens Sport Zona Todo por Nada
Popeye Sport Zona de Popeye
Cochero pare Sport Zona de La Fogata
X nada hacia la eternidad Sport Zona de La Fogata
Tu culito saca llama Sport 1.4.1. Zona 1
Le ley de Murphy Sport 1.4.3. Zona 3
Unknown 1 Sport 1.4.3. Zona 3
Ándate tranqui Sport 1.4.3. Zona 3
Arrancando del marido Sport 1.4.4. Zona 4
5.11c Paranoia Sport Zona Todo por Nada
Luna Roja Sport Zona de Hidrofobia
Icaro Sport Zona de La Fogata
Tranquitronco Sport 1.4.2. Zona 2
5.11b Ocho Pinocho Sport 25m Zona de La Fogata
5.11d Copihue Sport Zona Todo por Nada
Michelin Sport Zona Todo por Nada
Macho Man Sport Zona de Hidrofobia
Tu hermana Sport Zona de Popeye
Geisha Sport 20m Zona de Constelaciones
5.12a Adiccion Sport Zona de Hidrofobia
El Escultor Sport Zona de Hidrofobia
Hidrofobia Sport Zona de Hidrofobia
Leproso Sport Zona de Popeye
Pata de vaca Sport 1.4.1. Zona 1
Piteate un flaite Sport 1.4.1. Zona 1
5.12b El Cartucho Sport Zona de Hidrofobia
La cadena Sport 1.4.1. Zona 1
La leona Sport 1.4.2. Zona 2
5.12c Capitán Pingaloca Sport Zona de Constelaciones
Por Tutatis Sport 1.4.1. Zona 1
Wena choro Sport 1.4.1. Zona 1
Ojo piojo Sport 1.4.2. Zona 2
5.12d De Kiruza Sport Zona Todo por Nada
Manjar de Dedos Sport Zona de Hidrofobia
El araucano Sport Zona de Popeye
Ramera rencorosa Sport 1.4.1. Zona 1
Sika gay Sport 1.4.2. Zona 2
5.13a Entre Cejas Sport Zona de Hidrofobia
5.13b Quetzal Sport Zona de Constelaciones
5.13c Marullo Sport Zona de Hidrofobia
5.13 Quiltro Sport 1.4.1. Zona 1
Kiltro Sport 1.4.2. Zona 2
5.13d Geko Sport 1.4.2. Zona 2