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maybe the most relax crag in Beijing(也许是北京最休闲的岩场了)


easy to approach, varies route grade, suitable for new climber. 交通方便,有不同级别的线路,适合初学者。

Access issues

Located in a park, You will have better price for the ticket if you announce yourself as a climber. Free parking inside the park.(在一个公园内,如果你声明自己是来攀岩的,门票可以便宜。免费停车)


Bus 917 from Beijing, take off at Sidu Station(四渡). Drive: G4 super highway, Liulihe Exit, turn left,turn left at big metal ball, then turn right at big cow, then turn left at Yun Ju Temple, turn right at gas station, you will reach Si Du scenic park.

公交:917(十渡)在四渡下车/自驾:京石高速-琉璃河出高速右拐-大铁球左拐-大奶牛右拐-云居寺左拐-加油站右拐-四渡景区 。

Where to stay

camping are not permitted. Pensions 1~2 km away. 公园内不允许宿营。一两公里外有小旅馆。


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Zhang Xiao Liu (张晓柳) develop most routes in this area


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Grade Route

Set by 张晓柳 & 陈复苏, 2006

Set by 张晓柳 & 陈复苏, 2006

Set by 张晓柳 & 陈复苏, 2006

by Zhang Xiaoliu, Chen Fusu (张晓柳,陈复苏)

线路修建:张晓柳,陈复苏 (by Zhang Xiaoliu, Chen Fusu)

The name is from the estabilisher Chen Fu Su, at the age or 26? not sure.

on the right end of the crag. will query Zhang Xiaoliu for more info.


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