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Follow the main road out of town to a bridge (opposite Oliver's Crag) that leads over the river and up into the village in front of Pussa Yan. From here walk through the village and follow a road around to the right hand side of Pussa Yan. Then continue along the road a little further until you are able to scramble up towards the cliff between the two smaller CMDI crags in front of the main wall.

Ethic inherited from Getu

Sports Climbing


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Grade Route
FR:7b+ Captain Hook 胡克船长 Sport 200m 7

P1 6b+,P2 6b+,P3 6b+, P4 7a, P4bis 7b+, P5 7a, P6 7b, P7 7a. 200m 15 draws.

FR:6c+ No Name Sport 180m 7

P1 4c,P2 5c,P3 6b+, P4 6a+, P5 6a+, P6 6c+, P7 4c. 180m 14 draws.

FR:5c Blue Spirit 蓝魅 Sport 180m 6

Climb China guidebook claims pitch grades are 5b, 5c, 5a, 5a, 6a, 5a, however pitch 2 is much more like the crux and pitch 5 is really more like 5b. 180m 12 draws.

After pitch 3, it shares a belay with the adjacent mixed trad/sport climb "Wood Cutter", so be sure to take the left line of bolts for pitch 4.

FR:6a+ Wood Cutter 伐木工 Sport 160m 7

P1 4c,P2 6b,P3 5b, P4 5b, P5 6a+, P6 6a+, P7 5b. 160m 12draws.

{FR} 6b+ Bee Hive 蜂巢 Sport 140m 4

P1 6a,P2 6b+,P3 6a+, P4 6a+,140m 12 draws.

{FR} 7a Zuo Bian Di Yi Sport
{FR} 7b Er (Two) Sport
{FR} 6c San (Three) Sport
{FR} 6a Si (Four) Sport
{FR} 5c Go Japan 去日本 Sport
{FR} 6a Red Pants 红裤子 Sport
{FR} 7b+ Jiu (Nine) Sport
{FR} 6b+ Shi (Ten) Sport


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