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Access issues inherited from Getu

  • Arrive in China at an international airport.

  • Continue to Guiyang, capital of Guizhou province, either by plane or train. Guiyang is a city of two million people with a national airport, a train station and a bust station.

  • From Guiyang, you can take either a bus (the bus station is near the train station) or take a taxi directly to Getu (count on about 4 to 5 hours and a cost of around 1000 rmb). By bus, there is either a direct Guiyang - Ziyun bus that passes through Anshun, or two buses (Guiyang – Anshun and Anshun – Ziyun). This takes five hours. From Ziyun, take the minibus that goes to Getu: about 45 minutes.

  • Getu is a small village at the end of a road where you'll find a national park with a symbolic arch through which the sun's rays pass. Once you get to Ziyun you will find people who know of Getu.

Ethic inherited from Getu

Sports Climbing


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Grade Route
{FR} 6b+ Go to Hell 见鬼去吧 Sport

P16c, P2 left 6b, P2 right 6b

{FR} 6b+ Elodie 爱老妹 Sport 12m
{FR} 6b Niu tou 牛头 Sport 27m
{FR} 6b King of Guano 粪王 Sport
{FR} 7a Candide 老实人 Sport
{FR} 6b * Sushisson 日本AV Sport 25m
{FR} 7c+ Drill Team 开线队伍 Sport
{FR} 7a Patate Douce 红薯 Sport
{FR} 8a+ Lost in Translation 词不达译 Sport 180m 4

P1 7b+, P2 7c+, P3 8a+, P4 8a+ 180m 快挂16把

{FR} 7b The Brazilian Fuse 巴西驳发 Sport 180m 4

P1 6b+, P2 7a+, P3 6c+, P4 7b, 180m 快挂14把


P1 6c+,P2 6c+,P3 6c, P4 6b+, 180m 快挂14把


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