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Ethic inherited from Getu

Sports Climbing


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Grade Route
{FR} 6a Bird Song 鸟鸣 Sport
{FR} 8a Nihao Wokepa! 你好, 我可 Sport 180m, 5

P1 6c+, P2 7c+, P3 7c, P4 7a+,P5 7c/8a 快挂15把

{FR} 8b+ Corazon de Ensueno 梦想之心 Sport 240m, 8

P1 8a+,P2 8b,P3 7c+, P4 7a, P5 8b+, P6 8c, P7 7c+/8a, P8 8a+ 快挂15把


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