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Table of contents

1. Wawan's Cave 蛙王洞 9 routes in Crag

All Sport

Long/Lat: 106.246742, 25.661652


Up to 30m routes with a rack of 12 draws for climbing.

Access Issues: inherited from Getu 格凸
  • Arrive in China at an international airport.

  • Continue to Guiyang, capital of Guizhou province, either by plane or train. Guiyang is a city of two million people with a national airport, a train station and a bust station.

  • From Guiyang, you can take either a bus (the bus station is near the train station) or take a taxi directly to Getu (count on about 4 to 5 hours and a cost of around 1000 rmb). By bus, there is either a direct Guiyang - Ziyun bus that passes through Anshun, or two buses (Guiyang – Anshun and Anshun – Ziyun). This takes five hours. From Ziyun, take the minibus that goes to Getu: about 45 minutes.

  • Getu is a small village at the end of a road where you'll find a national park with a symbolic arch through which the sun's rays pass. Once you get to Ziyun you will find people who know of Getu.


Walk up to Oliver's Crag from the road side, then follow a trail up on the left hand side of the cliff. Turn left when able to, this will lead you along the cliff line to Wawan's Cave.

Ethic: inherited from Getu 格凸

Sports Climbing

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 Mange tes Nouilles 先吃面 {FR} 7a Sport
2 Le Retour du Couscous 再吃北非糙粮 {FR} 7a+ Sport
3 Plus de Riz Caca Dur 加上卡卡硬米 {FR} 7b+ Sport
4 La Bouze a Tom 汤姆有Bouze Sport Project
5 Le Retour du Pouss-Pouss 又见三轮车 {FR} 7b Sport
6 Ha! les Filles de Guiyang 哈! 贵阳姑娘 {FR} 7a+ Sport
7 Le Mois du Velo Chinois 中国单车月 {FR} 6b Sport
8 Kung Fu Klimbing 功夫攀岩 {FR} 6c+ Sport
9 Le Retour du Baijo 再来一瓶白酒 {FR} 6c+ Sport

2. Index by grade

Grade Stars Name Style
6b Le Mois du Velo Chinois 中国单车月 Sport
6c+ Kung Fu Klimbing 功夫攀岩 Sport
Le Retour du Baijo 再来一瓶白酒 Sport
7a Mange tes Nouilles 先吃面 Sport
7a+ Ha! les Filles de Guiyang 哈! 贵阳姑娘 Sport
Le Retour du Couscous 再吃北非糙粮 Sport
7b Le Retour du Pouss-Pouss 又见三轮车 Sport
7b+ Plus de Riz Caca Dur 加上卡卡硬米 Sport
? La Bouze a Tom 汤姆有Bouze Sport Project