The White Cliff

  • Grades: US
  • Ascents: 53
  • Aka: 白岩


The White Cliff is a pleasant crag located in the countryside near the Yu Long river. The White Cliff crag consists of three areas, South West Face, North West Face and Car Park Face. The routes on the South West Face are on excellent rock, whilst some routes on the North West Face may contain some loose rock. The South West Face stays in shade until mid day, the North West Face is shaded until late in the day and the Car Park Face has afternoon shade.



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Grade Route

A new route on the right side of the South West Face. Fun climbing to a stout, thin crux near the top.

FA: Kre Reishchel & Fred Vandenberg, Nov 2010

Excellent route.

FA: Guitang Jia et al from Shenzen, 2003

Good quality.

FA: Guitang Jia et al from Shenzen, 2003

FA: 2016

FA: Karl Shimanski, 2004

Set by Andrew Hedesh, 2013

FA: Jon Graham, 2013

Set by Andrew Hedesh, 2013

FA: DaWei, 2014

Set by Adam GoHard, 2013

FA: DaWei, 2014

Furthest right climb on the North west face.

FA: Guitang Jia et al from Shenzen, 2003

FA: Guitang Jia et al from Shenzen, 2003

Intraspective, introverted, internomical and last but not least intergalactic!!

FA: Ryan Weller, Andrew Hedesh, JJJ & SMU, Jan 2011

FA: Colin Edwards, 2004

FA: Colin Edwards, 2004

FA: James Murphy, 2004

Long long route with a lower off anchor at half height. The full route goes all the way to the top of the wall.

FA: Andrew Hedesh, Apr 2012

The long route furthest left on the North West Face.

FA: Andrew Hedesh & C. Dritsas, Apr 2012

Set by Juan Holquin, 2015

FA: TJ, 2016

Set by Andrew Hedesh, 2015

FA: TJ, 2015

The furthest right line of bolts on the cliff. Shares a similar start to the climb on it's left then heads right up the huge tufa.

FA: Jonathon schwartz, Dec 2013

The climb right of Wet Nelly

Set by Kevin Wotjon, Dec 2013

FFA: Peta Barrett, 23 Dec 2013

If dry climb the tufa on the left. If wet stay right.

FA: Matt Denton, 2005

Follow the white tufa. Exit direct or to the right.

FA: Boudewin Docter, 2004

FA: Ernesto Lopez & Ephraim Stern, Feb 2012

FA: Ernesto Lopez & Ephraim Stern, Feb 2012

Open Project. Sparingly Bolted. On the far left of the Carpark Face.

Set by Matt Denton, 2005

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