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Table of contents

1. White Mountain 50 routes in Crag

All Sport

Long/Lat: 110.523425, 24.716706


White Mountain is an impressive crag dominated by harder grade climbs. The massive wall is overhung and the climbing is both physical and sustained. The crag is South facing and is in the sun all day, however during summer some areas are in shade. The crag stays mostly dry during rain.

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 The Tale of the Talus

FA: Seb Grieve, 2006

5.11d Sport 35m
2 ** Blue Magic / Torniquet 蓝色魔法

Scramble through caves to find the start.

Set by Dave Gliddon

FA: French Nike Team ACG, Mike, Axel, 2007

5.13d Sport 16m, 10
3 Spicy Dumpling

Branches off Spicy Noodle

Set by Chris Sharma

FA: Ethan Pringle, 2011

5.14d Sport 45m
4 * The Axeman

FA: Neil Gresham, 2006

5.13b Sport 35m
5 Spicy Noodle 辣米粉

FA: Chris Sharma, 2009

5.14c Sport 42m
6 * Chinaclimb 中国攀

Set by Logan Barber, 2006

FA: A Bon, 2008

5.14b Sport 35m
7 Wento Xino

FA: Oscar Gomez, 2009

5.14b Sport 40m
8 Happy End

FA: Oscar Gomez, 2009

5.14a Sport 45m
9 * Unnamed 7c+

Sparse bolting in upper half

FA: Gerome Pouvreau & Chen Xie Wei, 2005

FR:7c+ Sport 22m, 8
10 * Another unnamed 7c+

Shares same crux as previous

FA: Gerome Pouvreau & Chen Xie Wei, 2005

FR:7c+ Sport 22m, 9
11 ** Unnamed 7a

FA: Gerome Pouvreau & Chen Xie Wei, 2005

Sport 22m, 9
12 * Aiding and Abetting

Super pumpy climbing up left trending line of "portholes". Start about 10m left of CW, where tufa flow feature reaches the ground.

FA: James Murphy, Paul Collis, 2004

5.11d Sport 22m, 11
13 * French Gangster 法国流氓

Starts at cave belay at the top of Aiding and Abetting.

Set by Colton Lindeman

FA: Nike/Beal team ACG Michael, 2007

5.14a Sport 45m
14 Korea No.1 韩国头号

FA: JH, Kim, 2008

5.13b Sport 28m, 14
15 * The Big Sun 大太阳

Splits all the way left at the 3rd bolt of China White

FA: Simone Liu, 2006

5.11b Sport 16m, 8
16 *** Two in the Pink, One in the Stink 六指琴魔

Breaks L out of China White then up.

FA: Dave Gliddon, 2008

5.12c FR:7b+ Sport 20m, 9
17 ** China White 中国白

FA: Seb Greive, 2005

5.12b Sport 20m, 11
18 ** Gin and Tonic 金汤力

Same start as Tsing Tao Beer

FA: Chen Xie Wei, 2007

5.13b Sport 30m, 13
19 Shaken Not Stirred

Breaks off left from Gin & Tonic at the knee bar. Heads left all the way to the top of the wall. Re-belay at mid-anchor

Set by Andrew Hedesh, 2011

FA: Nikolai Ng, 2011

5.13a Sport 53m
20 ** Tsing Tao Beer 青岛啤酒

FA: Shinsuke Kimura & Rie Kimura, 2006

5.13a Sport 28m, 13
21 ** Gang of Four 黑鬼

FA: Mark Garthwaite, 2005

5.12d Sport 30m, 13
22 ** White Devil 白鬼

FA: Neil Gresham, 2005

5.12d Sport 30m, 12
23 *** Yangshuo Hotel 阳朔旅馆

Long classic, with the hardest moves close to the ground. Apparently it is possible to get down on a 60m rope (Fire Birds belay can be used if you are struggling).

FA: Shinsuke Kimura, 2006

5.12b Sport 34m, 17
24 * Fire Bird 火鸟

FA: Rie & Shinsuke Kimura, 2006

5.11b Sport 15m, 6
25 ** From a Space Outta Time

Continuation of firebird. Climbs direct at the top for full grade.

FA: Doug "the cunt" Robertson, 2011

5.13a Sport 34m
26 The Missing Link Pitch 1

FA: Paul Collis, Chen Xie Wei & Liu Tao, 2004

5.10b Sport 15m, 7
27 ** The Missing Link Pitch 2

Continues past the first anchors and finishes up at the Wall of Attrition anchors

FA: Paul Collis, Chen Xie Wei & Liu Tao, 2004

5.12b 5.12 Sport 22m, 11
28 ** The Wall of Attrition

Another long pumper. As the angle eases, the holds get smaller.

FA: Paul Collis, Cheng Xie Wei, Liu Tao, 2004

5.11c Sport 22m, 10
29 * Cave Man Pitch 1 山顶洞人

The 1st pitch is 5.10d up to 13 meters and the belay is located just below a small cave (n.b this belay seems to have been removed as at April 2012). The climb has a bouldery start, a high crux move, and is super polished and pumpy.

FA: Paul Collis, Chen Xie Wei, Liu Tao, 2004

5.10d AU:21 Sport 13m, 6
30 ** Cave Man Pitch 2 山顶洞人

The 2nd pitch involves nice face climbing on reasonable holds. As at April 2012, the belay at the top of pitch 1 has been removed, and the route is now climbed as a long single pitch.

FA: Paul Collis, Chen Xie Wei, Liu Tao, 2004

5.11a AU:23 Sport 30m, 14
31 ** West Streak

FA: Grant Farquhar, 2005

5.12a Sport 30m
32 ** Lily Li Session

FA: David Brasco, 2009

5.12b Sport 30m
33 *** Lucky Zone 幸运区域

Powerful crux on pockets at the roof.

FA: Soichiro Fukuda, 2007

5.12c Sport 28m, 9
34 Jin Se Zhong Nian

Another 5.12 for the bank

FA: Zhang Yong, 2012

5.12a Sport 28m, 11
35 ** Devil Sticks 魔鬼棒

Starts immediatly left of SD, and shares its DBB.

FA: Liu Xi Nan, Chen Xie Wei, 2005

5.12b Sport 28m, 10
36 ** The Stone Dog 石狗

FA: Paul Collis, Dingo & Lao Gan Ma, 2004

5.10c AU:21 Sport 28m, 11
37 * Wow Wow Mei Ao

FA: Torsten Gedicke, Susann Hantscho, Elke Schmitz, 2006

5.11c FR:6c+ Sport 30m
38 *** The Phoenix 凤凰

Crimpy face climbing with a high crux.

FA: Colton Lindeman, 2006

5.12b Sport 28m
39 *** The Tic Tac Smuggler 啲嗒糖走私贩

Crux is above the cave and after the 5th bolt an easier option moves right then up.

FA: Colton Lindeman, 2006

5.12d Sport 28m
40 ** Face Route

As the name suggests this climb offers excellent balancey face climbing on small holds.

FA: Paul Collis & James Murphy, 2004

5.11a Sport 27m, 14
41 *** Merry Christmas 圣诞快乐

Excellent climbing on pockets.

FA: Zac & Katia Pisetzky, 2005

5.11b Sport 25m, 11
42 Happy Chanukah 光明节快乐

FA: Zac & Katia Pisetzky, 2005

5.12b Sport 22m, 8
43 * Captain Debauchery 西门庆

Tuff tufa climbing

FA: Solly Fernandez, 2006

5.11c Sport 25m, 8
44 ** The Comedians 喜剧演员

FA: Mike Robertson, 2006

5.10c Sport 28m, 12
45 Girl With a Machete 手持开山刀的女孩

Crack and groove climbing.

FA: Joe Picalli, 2006

5.11d Sport 27m, 12
46 Slippery Nipple 滑溜的乳头

Steep crimpy and technical.

FA: Colton Lindeman, 2005

5.13a Sport 25m, 12
47 Abinormal

Tufa, jugs and crimps.

FA: Colton Lindeman & Abi Roberts, 2006

5.11b Sport 25m, 9
48 * Liang Ba Sua Jie

FA: Bob Keaty, Paul Collis, Ton Ton, 2008

5.10b Sport 25m
49 * Jiu Jie Hua Xiang (Tangerine Blossom Fragrance)

FA: Ton Ton, Paul Collis, Bob Keaty, 2008

5.10a Sport 25m
50 The Prowl

FA: Andrew Christensen, 2007

5.10a FR:6a Sport 12m

2. Index by grade

Grade Stars Name Style
5.10a * Jiu Jie Hua Xiang (Tangerine Blossom Fragrance) Sport 25m
The Prowl Sport 12m
5.10b * Liang Ba Sua Jie Sport 25m
The Missing Link Pitch 1 Sport 15m, 7
5.10c ** The Comedians 喜剧演员 Sport 28m, 12
** The Stone Dog 石狗 Sport 28m, 11
5.10d * Cave Man Pitch 1 山顶洞人 Sport 13m, 6
5.11a ** Face Route Sport 27m, 14
5.11b Abinormal Sport 25m, 9
* Fire Bird 火鸟 Sport 15m, 6
*** Merry Christmas 圣诞快乐 Sport 25m, 11
* The Big Sun 大太阳 Sport 16m, 8
5.11c * Wow Wow Mei Ao Sport 30m
* Captain Debauchery 西门庆 Sport 25m, 8
** The Wall of Attrition Sport 22m, 10
5.11a ** Cave Man Pitch 2 山顶洞人 Sport 30m, 14
5.11d * Aiding and Abetting Sport 22m, 11
Girl With a Machete 手持开山刀的女孩 Sport 27m, 12
The Tale of the Talus Sport 35m
5.12a Jin Se Zhong Nian Sport 28m, 11
** West Streak Sport 30m
5.12b ** China White 中国白 Sport 20m, 11
** Devil Sticks 魔鬼棒 Sport 28m, 10
Happy Chanukah 光明节快乐 Sport 22m, 8
** Lily Li Session Sport 30m
*** The Phoenix 凤凰 Sport 28m
*** Yangshuo Hotel 阳朔旅馆 Sport 34m, 17
5.12c *** Lucky Zone 幸运区域 Sport 28m, 9
*** Two in the Pink, One in the Stink 六指琴魔 Sport 20m, 9
5.12b ** The Missing Link Pitch 2 Sport 22m, 11
5.12d ** Gang of Four 黑鬼 Sport 30m, 13
*** The Tic Tac Smuggler 啲嗒糖走私贩 Sport 28m
** White Devil 白鬼 Sport 30m, 12
5.13a ** From a Space Outta Time Sport 34m
Shaken Not Stirred Sport 53m
Slippery Nipple 滑溜的乳头 Sport 25m, 12
** Tsing Tao Beer 青岛啤酒 Sport 28m, 13
7c+ * Another unnamed 7c+ Sport 22m, 9
* Unnamed 7c+ Sport 22m, 8
5.13b ** Gin and Tonic 金汤力 Sport 30m, 13
Korea No.1 韩国头号 Sport 28m, 14
* The Axeman Sport 35m
5.13d ** Blue Magic / Torniquet 蓝色魔法 Sport 16m, 10
5.14a * French Gangster 法国流氓 Sport 45m
Happy End Sport 45m
5.14b * Chinaclimb 中国攀 Sport 35m
Wento Xino Sport 40m
5.14c Spicy Noodle 辣米粉 Sport 42m
5.14d Spicy Dumpling Sport 45m
** Unnamed 7a Sport 22m, 9