Topo #3224

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Route Grade Popularity Style
2 El Verdugo

From left to right, El Verdugo is the second route on the wall and shares the anchors with the above unknown climb. Find the crux where you would expect it, with the overhang near the anchors.

5.11b Sport 20m, 7 Unlink route
3 Pan Comida

The third climb from the left, Pan Comido is a fun and crimpy route that is a good finger warm up before trying out some of the 5.11’s. Atypical for many of the routes here, the crux can be found almost directly in the center of the climb where you will meet a bit of an overhang and a somewhat burly move for Aserri’s normally delicate personality. If you can find the good hold, the crux move is piece of cake. Post crux, easy, big holds on slab are worked until the anchors up and to the right.

5.10a Sport 25m, 8 Unlink route
4 El Diablo

This top rope route goes directly up the wall between the two black water marks. Expect small rock knobs and crimpy pinch climbing for the first half, and then easier slab for the second half. This is quintessential Piedra de Aserri climbing. Meet the crux about a quarter of the way up the route as obvious hand holds become not so obvious.

5.10a Top rope 25m Unlink route

Topo #3223

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Route Grade Popularity Style
5 El Sombrero

Find this bolted climb running slightly to the right of the larger black water mark. Start at the dislodged triangle rock at the bottom of the wall, pulling a couple of easy moves to stand on top and clip the first piece of protection. The crux of this particular climb is getting above the first bolt, and once this is accomplished you will find fun knobby climbing until a large ledge that splits the route in half. Continue to the anchors and keep a level head as you runout from the last bolt to the anchors for a little more than 5 meters.

5.10b Sport 25m, 8 Unlink route
6 La Placa

Starting just to the right of the trianglular rock, La Placa is a decent top rope climb that moves up the wall in between El Sombrero and El Diedro. Start with crimpy moves on nearly vertical wall and feet that you need to trust will do their job. If your feet keep good on their responsibilities you will make it to the large ledge. After the ledge the climb turns into slab and small knobs characteristic of Aserri.

5.10a Top rope 25m Unlink route
7 * El Diedro

This climb starts at the small dihedral to the right of the center of the wall. The first moves are bouldery, fun and technical, making an onsight to this route a real challenge. Once you have reached the first bolt, continue directly up and then slightly to the left for easier slab climbing and then finally the anchors shared with El Sombrero. Keep your nerves intact for the 5 meter run out between the last bolt and the anchors.

5.11c Sport 25m, 8 Unlink route
8 El Gerrero

Just around the corner of the rock to the right of El Diedro is El Gerrero. This bolted climb offers a bit of variation from the other climbs on the wall. It starts with technical moves on holds other than crimps, however if you miss the crimps and knobs then all you have to do is climb on, and you will find what you have been looking for a little higher up.

Sport 25m, 8 Unlink route

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