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To the right of the middle of the wall is Caca Vaca. You will find that the bolts on this line are spaced a little further apart than on other climbs the same height, and as a result, less draws are needed. The climbing is crimpy with well placed resting jugs until you reach the small roof. Here you will find a heady move that may require the commitment your partner has been looking for. Pull through the roof and you are only two bolts and some friendly crimps away from the chain anchor. Well, almost. The final anchors can be a bit of a challenge to clip.

Ethic: inherited from Cachi
Respect the land owners.
They are kind enough to let you use their property for your enjoyment.
Respect other climbers.
Climbing is a community sport where the only opponent is the cruel crux that sends you airborne.
Respect the environment.
Above all, respect the environment. The plants, the earth and the rock itself were here long before you came into existence and will continue to exist long after you are gone. Sustain its survival by treating it properly.
  • Pick up trash, even if it is not your own. Take at least one piece out on every trip.

  • Do not kill flora or fauna, no matter how small or large.

  • Live and climb as though you are organic with your environment.

Route History:

There is no known route history.


Located in Cachi approx:
Long/Lat: -83.797883,9.843135

Route Grade Citations

5.9 Dustin Johnston-Jewell
5.9 Principal

Route quality

Route quality

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