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Rank Climber Karma
1 Jakob 4,251points
2 Ben Jenga 3,583points
3 Melwin Quacke 3,284points
4 nino 2,416points
5 2,291points
6 damian.ralet 2,213points
7 Clayton G. N. 1,668points
8 Milan Vucinic 1,265points
9 januch:) 607points
10 Leo Seib 600points
11 Samu 365points
12 stephen hancock 112points
13 indira sormaz 101points
14 Chris Beric 82points
15 Gyula Farkas 58points
16 Stephen White 48points
17 Slaven Vukovic 30points
17 Brendan Heywood 30points
19 styno 17points
20 Frantisek Vilim 12points
21 michael batchelor 11points
22 Kmeco 7points
23 Michael Heier 4points
23 Philip Armstrong 4points
23 Christoph 4points

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