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Table of contents

1. Limski Kanal 100 routes in Crag

All Sport

Long/Lat: 13.730928, 45.129218

1.1. Gavranik 30 routes in Sector

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 Aoo! Annamo! 5aSport
2 Bak 6cSport
3 Bljust 6c+Sport
4 Bubasera 7aSport
5 Caligo 6aSport
6 Cok 7a+Sport
7 Duh 7a+Sport
8 Kantun 5aSport
9 Karijes 6aSport
10 Krijanica 5cSport
11 Long man 7aSport
12 Microtac 7aSport
13 Mimi 4aSport
14 Mr. Bombastic 5cSport
15 Muskat 6bSport
16 Noi 6bSport
17 Pitagora 7aSport
18 Podrhtanje 7cSport
19 Poskok 6aSport
20 Prc 6a+Sport
21 Puiana 7a+Sport
22 Sajeta 6b+Sport
23 Sparoga 6bSport
24 Strsljanovo gnjiezdo 6bSport
25 The Art 7aSport
26 U.g.i.g. 6c+Sport
27 Vile 5bSport
28 Vipera 7aSport
29 Voganj 6cSport
30 Zajfa 5bSport

1.2. Horoskop 17 routes in Sector

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 Bik 6a+Sport
2 Blizanci 6bSport
3 Cistiliste 6bSport
4 Djevica 6aSport
5 Horoskop 6a+Sport
6 Jarac 6cSport
7 Lav 6bSport
8 Otrok 4bSport
9 Ovan 5cSport
10 Pakao 7aSport
11 Raj 6cSport
12 Rak 5cSport
13 Ribe 6aSport
14 Skorpion 5aSport
15 Strijelac 6b+Sport
16 Vaga 6b+Sport
17 Vodenjak 7aSport

1.3. Klostar 8 routes in Sector

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 Akrobata 6cSport
2 Hmmm 6cSport
3 Ili ja ili ti 6cSport
4 Jebemti mobitel 6cSport
5 Lee 6a+Sport
6 Mjeseceva povrsina 6bSport
7 Prica brez kraja 7a+Sport
8 Zum zum zum 6bSport

1.4. Krugi 14 routes in Sector

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 Cikala dance 7aSport
2 Crvena tisina 7bSport
3 Divlja ruza 6aSport
4 Franz Xaver Profer 6a+Sport
5 Guz 6aSport
6 Hrskavica 6a+Sport
7 Jazavac 6b+Sport
8 Krtica 5bSport
9 Mahovina 6a+Sport
10 Mrak 8aSport
11 Noi altri! E voi altri? 7b+Sport
12 Strsljanovo gnjiezdo 5cSport
13 Vepar 5cSport
14 Zmijska koza 6b+Sport

1.5. Simije 31 routes in Sector

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 Bonbon 6aSport
2 Brancin 6cSport
3 Buzara od... 6bSport
4 Datula 6bSport
5 Domino 6a+Sport
6 Flajlalaj 6aSport
7 Gigi 5cSport
8 Hobotnica 6cSport
9 Jastog 6bSport
10 Kalamareto 7aSport
11 Kornjaca 5cSport
12 Krpelj 6aSport
13 Kugumar 5cSport
14 Lipa 5cSport
15 List 6aSport
16 Maneken 6cSport
17 Mille, mille... 6bSport
18 Momento catartico 6a+Sport
19 Mukino 5bSport
20 Orada 6cSport
21 Pikacu 5aSport
22 Sbarabaus 6bSport
23 Simija 7aSport
24 Skarpina 6a+Sport
25 Somatizza 6aSport
26 Suze di kokodrilio 6aSport
27 Tatarata 5cSport
28 Titiriti 6aSport
29 Urlator 6bSport
30 Vomitino 5bSport
31 Zubatac 6bSport

2. Index by grade

Grade Stars Name Style Area
4a Mimi Sport 1.1. Gavranik
4b Otrok Sport 1.2. Horoskop
5a Aoo! Annamo! Sport 1.1. Gavranik
Kantun Sport 1.1. Gavranik
Skorpion Sport 1.2. Horoskop
Pikacu Sport 1.5. Simije
5b Vile Sport 1.1. Gavranik
Zajfa Sport 1.1. Gavranik
Krtica Sport 1.4. Krugi
Mukino Sport 1.5. Simije
Vomitino Sport 1.5. Simije
5c Krijanica Sport 1.1. Gavranik
Mr. Bombastic Sport 1.1. Gavranik
Ovan Sport 1.2. Horoskop
Rak Sport 1.2. Horoskop
Strsljanovo gnjiezdo Sport 1.4. Krugi
Vepar Sport 1.4. Krugi
Gigi Sport 1.5. Simije
Kornjaca Sport 1.5. Simije
Kugumar Sport 1.5. Simije
Lipa Sport 1.5. Simije
Tatarata Sport 1.5. Simije
6a Caligo Sport 1.1. Gavranik
Karijes Sport 1.1. Gavranik
Poskok Sport 1.1. Gavranik
Djevica Sport 1.2. Horoskop
Ribe Sport 1.2. Horoskop
Divlja ruza Sport 1.4. Krugi
Guz Sport 1.4. Krugi
Bonbon Sport 1.5. Simije
Flajlalaj Sport 1.5. Simije
Krpelj Sport 1.5. Simije
List Sport 1.5. Simije
Somatizza Sport 1.5. Simije
Suze di kokodrilio Sport 1.5. Simije
Titiriti Sport 1.5. Simije
6a+ Prc Sport 1.1. Gavranik
Bik Sport 1.2. Horoskop
Horoskop Sport 1.2. Horoskop
Lee Sport 1.3. Klostar
Franz Xaver Profer Sport 1.4. Krugi
Hrskavica Sport 1.4. Krugi
Mahovina Sport 1.4. Krugi
Domino Sport 1.5. Simije
Momento catartico Sport 1.5. Simije
Skarpina Sport 1.5. Simije
6b Muskat Sport 1.1. Gavranik
Noi Sport 1.1. Gavranik
Sparoga Sport 1.1. Gavranik
Strsljanovo gnjiezdo Sport 1.1. Gavranik
Blizanci Sport 1.2. Horoskop
Cistiliste Sport 1.2. Horoskop
Lav Sport 1.2. Horoskop
Mjeseceva povrsina Sport 1.3. Klostar
Zum zum zum Sport 1.3. Klostar
Buzara od... Sport 1.5. Simije
Datula Sport 1.5. Simije
Jastog Sport 1.5. Simije
Mille, mille... Sport 1.5. Simije
Sbarabaus Sport 1.5. Simije
Urlator Sport 1.5. Simije
Zubatac Sport 1.5. Simije
6b+ Sajeta Sport 1.1. Gavranik
Strijelac Sport 1.2. Horoskop
Vaga Sport 1.2. Horoskop
Jazavac Sport 1.4. Krugi
Zmijska koza Sport 1.4. Krugi
6c Bak Sport 1.1. Gavranik
Voganj Sport 1.1. Gavranik
Jarac Sport 1.2. Horoskop
Raj Sport 1.2. Horoskop
Akrobata Sport 1.3. Klostar
Hmmm Sport 1.3. Klostar
Ili ja ili ti Sport 1.3. Klostar
Jebemti mobitel Sport 1.3. Klostar
Brancin Sport 1.5. Simije
Hobotnica Sport 1.5. Simije
Maneken Sport 1.5. Simije
Orada Sport 1.5. Simije
6c+ Bljust Sport 1.1. Gavranik
U.g.i.g. Sport 1.1. Gavranik
7a Bubasera Sport 1.1. Gavranik
Long man Sport 1.1. Gavranik
Microtac Sport 1.1. Gavranik
Pitagora Sport 1.1. Gavranik
The Art Sport 1.1. Gavranik
Vipera Sport 1.1. Gavranik
Pakao Sport 1.2. Horoskop
Vodenjak Sport 1.2. Horoskop
Cikala dance Sport 1.4. Krugi
Kalamareto Sport 1.5. Simije
Simija Sport 1.5. Simije
7a+ Cok Sport 1.1. Gavranik
Duh Sport 1.1. Gavranik
Puiana Sport 1.1. Gavranik
Prica brez kraja Sport 1.3. Klostar
7b Crvena tisina Sport 1.4. Krugi
7b+ Noi altri! E voi altri? Sport 1.4. Krugi
7c Podrhtanje Sport 1.1. Gavranik
8a Mrak Sport 1.4. Krugi