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Table of contents

1. Paklenica 194 routes in Crag

Mostly Sport

Long/Lat: 15.470452, 44.303408


Depending on your inclination, you may perceive Paklenica either as a most convenient venue with rock-climbing of many tastes served on a silver platter - or as an overcommercialized outdoor gym. Paklenica's limestone offers numerous routes of all difficulty, from boulders, short sport routes to harrowing multi-pitch trad adventures. The more frequented sectors are well signposted; benchmark routes are labelled with small plaquettes. Paklenica is a national park. The climbing is restricted to the great gorge. There is an entrance fee to be paid for entering the gorge, 5-day-discounts (within 30 days) are available (check http://paklenica.hr). The narrowest (and most frequented) part of the gorge is a few steps from the parking. Here you can climb also with small children - if you ensure they don't fall down the 1-m-embankment into the creek. Further up in the sides of the canyon there are many multipitch routes in various grades, less suitable for families. The most famous rock formation is Anica Kuk with routes up to 350 m. Most of the routes in Paklenica are well bolted. Grading is in UIAA or in French scale.

Where To Stay:

The close-by town of Starigrad, as well as all villages along the coast, boast a wide selection of accomodation: camping, hotels, villas.

1.1. Klanci 150 routes in Crag

All Sport

Long/Lat: 15.472771, 44.306075


Klanci consits of many small areas like: Parkiraliste, Krokodil, Popaj, Hram, Olimp etc. This area is as perfect sector for whole families (aesier routes) as for lovers of harder sport routes.

1.1.1. Parkiralište 9 routes in Crag


The closest crag from parking place and entrance to just along the way to others crags in Klanci.

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 Petronilla 6b Sport 20m
2 Cellulite free / Santana 6c Sport 20m
3 Kagula 6b Sport 20m
4 E.T.

Overhang on the top with small crimps.

7a+ Sport 20m
5 * Banana split 5c Sport 15m
6 Stimula 7a+ Sport 20m
7 Lu-Lu 6b Sport 20m
8 Joint 6a+ Sport 20m
9 Tofi is 20 6c Sport

1.1.2. Krokodil 10 routes in Crag

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 Seppi 6b+ Sport 8m
2 * Rasierklinge 5c Sport 9m
3 Steza mojstrov 6c+ Sport 15m
4 Auskneifer 6b Sport 15m
5 Aligator 6c Sport 14m
6 Projekt Sport 14m
7 Platoon 7c+ Sport 13m
8 Krokodil 6b Sport 22m
9 Ananass 6c+ Sport 15m
10 OO 6a+ Sport 15m

1.1.3. Auhe 4 routes in Sector

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 Auhe 5b Sport 13m
2 Wiener Würstchen 5a Sport 13m
3 Marija 3+ Sport 12m
4 Skorpion 4a Sport 13m

1.1.4. Devnjača 2 routes in Crag

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 Čuvarkuća 7a+ Sport 20m
2 Projekt ? Sport 15m

1.1.5. Jupi 3 routes in Crag

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 Jupi 6a Sport 12m
2 Blutwurst 6a+ Sport 12m
3 Condor 6a+ Sport 10m

1.1.6. Popaj 8 routes in Sector


Sector around the souvenir shop


From the second parking, and walk uphill 3 min and find the shop and the sector on your left

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 Butterkeks

Leftmost route of sector

5c Sport 18m, 7
2 Oster keks 6a+ Sport 18m
3 Črni gad 6b Sport 20m
4 Inox / Matio 6a+ Sport 20m
5 Rapina

No climbing during opening of shop

7a+ Sport 20m
6 Popaj 6a+ Sport 20m
7 Safety first 5c Sport 20m
8 Mit feiner Klinge 6b+ Sport 25m

1.1.7. Hram 14 routes in Crag

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 Volos 7c Sport 15m
2 Svantevid 7b+ Sport 15m
3 Perun 7c+ Sport 15m
4 Bogata Marija 7c+ Sport 15m
5 Funky shit 7c+ Sport 15m
6 Svarog 7b+ Sport 20m
7 Kiborg 6c Sport 14m
8 Gozdni Joža 7c+ Sport 14m
9 Jožek 7c Sport 14m
10 Mrakan 8a Sport 15m
11 Vodan 7b Sport 15m
12 Gerovit 6c+ Sport 14m
13 Morana 6c Sport 13m
14 Danka 5c Sport 13m

1.1.8. Olimp 4 routes in Crag

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 Minerva

wall climbing on a hard limestone (small pockets, crags, holes)

6a+ Sport 24m
2 Had 6a Sport 25m
3 Zeus 6b Sport 25m, 8
4 Hera

a bit difficult start, go on the left side;)

6a+ Sport 25m

1.1.9. Figa 4 routes in Crag

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 Nane 4b Sport 20m
2 Figa 4b+ Sport 20m
3 Mann oder Memme 4b+ Sport 23m
4 Winnie Pooh 3 Sport 10m

1.1.10. Veleshit 6 routes in Cliff

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 Zekoslav mrkva 4a Sport 8m
2 Svemirko 4a Sport 8m
3 Miki Maus 5a Sport 10m
4 Veleshit 6a+ Sport 17m
5 II viaggio 6a Sport 18m
6 Reibeissen 6a Sport 18m

1.1.11. Lipotica 4 routes in Crag

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 Strije 5b Sport 30m
2 Celulit 5c Sport 35m
3 Tripice 5a Sport 35m
4 Make up 4c Sport

1.1.12. Zighi & Urli 5 routes in Crag

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 Onofrio 6a Sport 25m
2 Mascherino 6a+ Sport 25m
3 Gripa 5b Sport 15m
4 Nemam ništa, socijalni problem! 6a Sport 33m
5 Capitan Corragiosi 5b Sport 30m

1.1.13. Colibri 10 routes in Crag

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 Magic moon 7a Sport 24m
2 Magic moon (variant) 7b Sport 25m
3 Colibri 6c Sport 24m
4 Flori 6c Sport 23m
5 Flash back 6c Sport 23m
6 Davidovo drugo stanje 7a Sport 23m
7 Mucachito 7b Sport 23m
8 Present of nature 6c+ Sport 23m
9 Buda bez muda 6c Sport 20m
10 Isar Flimmern 6a+ Sport 30m

1.1.14. Hidrogliser 6 routes in Crag

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 Hidrogliser 6a Sport 30m
2 Radegast 6b Sport 30m
3 Esseker 5c Sport 30m
4 Papillon 6c Sport 18m
5 Vaga vaga dum 6c Sport 16m
6 Toi-toi 6a+ Sport 16m

1.1.15. Zava 23 routes in Area


Situated on the main pathway from the parking to the Debeli kuk and Anica kuk approach, right past the shop and toilet area.

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 Njofra 3 Sport 12m
2 Husky 3 Sport 12m
3 Petar Pan 4a Sport 12m
4 Bine Maja

Name written on base.

6a+ Sport 17m
5 Fleissige Villi 6a Sport 17m
6 Bella 6a+ Sport 15m
7 Zajček 4c Sport 12m
8 Zava 4b Sport 13m
9 Čuja ti si bog i batina! 5a Sport
10 Čuja ti si bog! 5c+ Sport 15m
11 Onaj tamo! 5a Sport 15m
12 ** Matane ti si car! 5c Sport
13 Marina 6a Sport 12m
14 Zima 5c+ Sport 20m
15 Shogooth 6c+ Sport 31m
16 Kanjon special 6a Sport 31m
17 For Trudi 6b Sport 31m
18 Achtung steinschlag!


6b+ Sport 31m
19 WC 6b+ Sport 25m
20 Vaginalna manipulacija 6a+ Sport 20m
21 Jež 5c Sport 25m
22 Humping Jack 6a+ Sport 18m
23 Helena 6a+ Sport 18m

1.1.16. Karenin 20 routes in Area


At its base, there runs a stream, which cuts of the area during winter and spring time. During the summer you can enjoy the shade.


Its situated right opposite to A/15 Zava

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 Jezna 7b Sport 12m
2 Blody Maria 6b Sport 12m
3 Pečena kokoš 5b Sport 12m
4 H.S.V. 5a Sport 11m
5 Yugo 45 5a Sport 12m
6 La Bamba 5c Sport 12m
7 Edi 5a Sport 12m
8 Nasti put 4c Sport 12m
9 Bevanda 5c Sport 12m
10 Over dub 5c Sport 22m
11 As 5b Sport 21m
12 No Dilly Dally 6b Sport 28m
13 Potres 6a Sport 28m
14 Kadi si? 5c Sport 20m
15 Irenes smile 6b Sport 15m
16 Karenin 6c+ Sport 20m
17 Psihoza 5a Sport 15m
18 Ogulinac 5a Sport 14m
19 Baliban 4b Sport 17m
20 Marko & Marko 5a Sport 17m

1.1.17. Ljuska 18 routes in Sector

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 È seguitemi mi sono perso 6c Sport 40m
2 Hare Krishna 6a+ Sport 40m
3 È dulcis in fundo 6b Sport 45m
4 Hugga wugga 6a Sport 2
5 Bečki 3+ Sport 13m
6 Via Normale 4a Sport 15m
7 Aanvallluhhhh 6b Sport 15m
8 Grafiti 6c+ Sport 15m
9 Projekt 9 Sport 15m
10 II Maratoneta 8b+ Sport 15m
11 ? 5c Sport 17m
12 2? 5b Sport 17m
13 Vuga 4c Sport 15m
14 Kos 5b Sport 15m
15 Žuna 5a Sport 16m
16 Orao 5c Sport 16m
17 Gea 4b Sport 16m
18 Mia cara Paolina 6a+ Sport 22m

1.2. Veliki Vitrenik 1 route in Area

All Trad

This is the first cliff you see after entering the park, on the left of the road. Great for beginners.

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 Oprosti mi pape

There is not a lot of bolts on the second pitch, but it is pretty easy climbing.

4a Trad 110m 3

1.3. Crljenica 0 routes in Cliff


Prominent cliff with reddish rock and southern exposure on left (true right) side of gorge.


Pass park entrance and continue to first rest area on the left. Follow path to gorge, path and scree.

1.4. Kukovi ispod Vlake 9 routes in Cliff

All Sport

Long/Lat: 15.469126, 44.303198


Prominent fin of rock west of second parking


From the second parking, walk up the slope to reach either the north or south face.

Descent Notes:

Some routes can be rappelled off. If you go to the very top, be prepared for a strenous 10-minute slog down on loose scree.

1.4.1. South face 0 routes in Sector Tron 0 routes in Sector

Left, uphill part of south face.


5 min of uphill walking

1.4.2. North face 9 routes in Sector

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 Nosorog

In the north face, climb to ridge at low saddle, then follow the ridge. Rappel from pitch 4 or walk off from top.

4c Sport 150m 6
2 ** Kikos bohrer / Franz warum nicht do vrha? 6a Sport 100m 3
3 Easter Night fever 6b Sport 35m
4 Lidijin 4c Sport 90m 3
5 Joe de Ripper 6a Sport 90m 2
6 Vesela obitelj 6a Sport 70m 2
7 ** Borna i Rok 6a Sport 72m 2
8 Ada i Sanjski 6a Sport 50m 2
9 Unter Geiern 5c Sport 40m

1.5. Debeli kuk 2 routes in Area

Sport and Unknown
RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 Slovenski PIPS 6a Sport 200m
2 Diagonalka 6a+ Unknown 200m

1.6. Maniti kuk 0 routes in Crag

Unique Features And Strengths:

Remote adventure climbing


Follow path to cave Manita pec. Leave path after prominent pinnacle (Zub = tooth) to the left.

1.7. Anića kuk 24 routes in Crag

Unknown and Sport

Long/Lat: 15.481518, 44.306964

Unique Features And Strengths:

Big wall with many multi-pitch classics


north, northwest and west exposure.

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 Rio 7a+ Unknown 350m
2 Jenjavi 7a+ Unknown 350m
3 Albatros 6c Unknown 350m
4 Rajna 7a Unknown 350m
5 *** Velbitaski

Old school climbing-corners-cracks-chimneys. No real face climbing but it is Limestone. No.2 of the Trinity, the other two being Mosaraski and the klin

6a+ Sport 350m 10
6 Waterworld 7b+ Unknown 350m
7 El Condor Pasa 7a Unknown 350m
8 Brid Clina 7b+ Unknown 350m
9 Welcome - to hell or paradise 7b+ Unknown 350m
10 Subara direkt 6c+ Unknown 350m
11 *** Klin

Old school route as well. Strenuous and exposure is massive on 8th 9th pitch. Clip bolts-old pegs and take Trad gear as well. Pretty well bolted though. Crux can be aided.

6c+ Sport 350m 12
12 Nostalgija 6b Unknown 350m
13 *** Mosoraski

Signposted. Starts ~10 m left of giant carabiner replica.

5c Sport 350m 9
14 Zlatne Godine 7c Unknown 350m
15 Kaurismakis mistake 7a+ Unknown 350m
16 Cvrecev Stup 6c+ Unknown 350m
17 Funkcija 6c+ Unknown 350m
18 Kaca 6a Unknown 350m
19 Pod Stupom 6a Unknown 350m
20 Wein, Weib und Gestein 6c+ Unknown 350m
21 D. Brahm 5c Unknown 330m
22 Vrazja simfonija 4c Unknown 320m
23 Abseil Pista 4b Sport 80m 2
24 Danaja 5b Sport 100m 3

1.8. Veliki Ćuk 2 routes in Cliff

All Sport

Large rock formation south of Anika kuk on the right (true left) side of the gorge.

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 Sjeverno rebro 4b Sport 170m 6
2 *** Gyps Fulvus 6b+ Sport 6

1.9. Mali Ćuk 1 route in Cliff

All Trad

Southwest of Veliki Cuk, north of Kuk od Skradelin on the right (true left) side of gorge.

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 Celjski stup 5a Mixed 150m 4, 7

1.10. Kuk od Skradelin 4 routes in Area

All Sport

Closest area on the right side from parking lot. Mostly aided multipitches around grade 6 in French.

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 Andi & Max 5c Sport 70m 2
2 Franz Hohensinn 6a+ Sport 60m 2
3 Faulenzer 6b+ Sport 100m 4
4 Dreaming the lost friends 6a+ Sport 100m 5

1.11. Ovčji kuk 1 route in Crag

All Alpine
RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 Prijatelju moj {UIAA} 3+ Alpine 80m 2

1.12. Vranjska Draga 0 routes in Crag

2. Index by grade

Grade Stars Name Style Area
3+ Prijatelju moj Alpine 80m 2 1.11. Ovčji kuk
3 Winnie Pooh Sport 10m 1.1.9. Figa
Husky Sport 12m 1.1.15. Zava
Njofra Sport 12m 1.1.15. Zava
3+ Marija Sport 12m 1.1.3. Auhe
Bečki Sport 13m 1.1.17. Ljuska
4a Skorpion Sport 13m 1.1.3. Auhe
Svemirko Sport 8m 1.1.10. Veleshit
Zekoslav mrkva Sport 8m 1.1.10. Veleshit
Petar Pan Sport 12m 1.1.15. Zava
Via Normale Sport 15m 1.1.17. Ljuska
Oprosti mi pape Trad 110m 3 1.2. Veliki Vitrenik
4b Nane Sport 20m 1.1.9. Figa
Zava Sport 13m 1.1.15. Zava
Baliban Sport 17m 1.1.16. Karenin
Gea Sport 16m 1.1.17. Ljuska
Abseil Pista Sport 80m 2 1.7. Anića kuk
Sjeverno rebro Sport 170m 6 1.8. Veliki Ćuk
4b+ Figa Sport 20m 1.1.9. Figa
Mann oder Memme Sport 23m 1.1.9. Figa
4c Make up Sport 1.1.11. Lipotica
Zajček Sport 12m 1.1.15. Zava
Nasti put Sport 12m 1.1.16. Karenin
Vuga Sport 15m 1.1.17. Ljuska
Lidijin Sport 90m 3 1.4.2. North face
Nosorog Sport 150m 6 1.4.2. North face
Vrazja simfonija Unknown 320m 1.7. Anića kuk
5a Wiener Würstchen Sport 13m 1.1.3. Auhe
Miki Maus Sport 10m 1.1.10. Veleshit
Tripice Sport 35m 1.1.11. Lipotica
Onaj tamo! Sport 15m 1.1.15. Zava
Čuja ti si bog i batina! Sport 1.1.15. Zava
Edi Sport 12m 1.1.16. Karenin
H.S.V. Sport 11m 1.1.16. Karenin
Marko & Marko Sport 17m 1.1.16. Karenin
Ogulinac Sport 14m 1.1.16. Karenin
Psihoza Sport 15m 1.1.16. Karenin
Yugo 45 Sport 12m 1.1.16. Karenin
Žuna Sport 16m 1.1.17. Ljuska
Celjski stup Mixed 150m 4, 7 1.9. Mali Ćuk
5b Auhe Sport 13m 1.1.3. Auhe
Strije Sport 30m 1.1.11. Lipotica
Capitan Corragiosi Sport 30m 1.1.12. Zighi & Urli
Gripa Sport 15m 1.1.12. Zighi & Urli
As Sport 21m 1.1.16. Karenin
Pečena kokoš Sport 12m 1.1.16. Karenin
2? Sport 17m 1.1.17. Ljuska
Kos Sport 15m 1.1.17. Ljuska
Danaja Sport 100m 3 1.7. Anića kuk
5c * Banana split Sport 15m 1.1.1. Parkiralište
* Rasierklinge Sport 9m 1.1.2. Krokodil
Butterkeks Sport 18m, 7 1.1.6. Popaj
Safety first Sport 20m 1.1.6. Popaj
Danka Sport 13m 1.1.7. Hram
Celulit Sport 35m 1.1.11. Lipotica
Esseker Sport 30m 1.1.14. Hidrogliser
Jež Sport 25m 1.1.15. Zava
** Matane ti si car! Sport 1.1.15. Zava
Bevanda Sport 12m 1.1.16. Karenin
Kadi si? Sport 20m 1.1.16. Karenin
La Bamba Sport 12m 1.1.16. Karenin
Over dub Sport 22m 1.1.16. Karenin
? Sport 17m 1.1.17. Ljuska
Orao Sport 16m 1.1.17. Ljuska
Unter Geiern Sport 40m 1.4.2. North face
D. Brahm Unknown 330m 1.7. Anića kuk
*** Mosoraski Sport 350m 9 1.7. Anića kuk
Andi & Max Sport 70m 2 1.10. Kuk od Skradelin
5c+ Zima Sport 20m 1.1.15. Zava
Čuja ti si bog! Sport 15m 1.1.15. Zava
6a Jupi Sport 12m 1.1.5. Jupi
Had Sport 25m 1.1.8. Olimp
II viaggio Sport 18m 1.1.10. Veleshit
Reibeissen Sport 18m 1.1.10. Veleshit
Nemam ništa, socijalni problem! Sport 33m 1.1.12. Zighi & Urli
Onofrio Sport 25m 1.1.12. Zighi & Urli
Hidrogliser Sport 30m 1.1.14. Hidrogliser
Fleissige Villi Sport 17m 1.1.15. Zava
Kanjon special Sport 31m 1.1.15. Zava
Marina Sport 12m 1.1.15. Zava
Potres Sport 28m 1.1.16. Karenin
Hugga wugga Sport 2 1.1.17. Ljuska
Ada i Sanjski Sport 50m 2 1.4.2. North face
** Borna i Rok Sport 72m 2 1.4.2. North face
Joe de Ripper Sport 90m 2 1.4.2. North face
** Kikos bohrer Sport 100m 3 1.4.2. North face
Vesela obitelj Sport 70m 2 1.4.2. North face
Slovenski PIPS Sport 200m 1.5. Debeli kuk
Kaca Unknown 350m 1.7. Anića kuk
Pod Stupom Unknown 350m 1.7. Anića kuk
6a+ Joint Sport 20m 1.1.1. Parkiralište
OO Sport 15m 1.1.2. Krokodil
Blutwurst Sport 12m 1.1.5. Jupi
Condor Sport 10m 1.1.5. Jupi
Inox Sport 20m 1.1.6. Popaj
Oster keks Sport 18m 1.1.6. Popaj
Popaj Sport 20m 1.1.6. Popaj
Hera Sport 25m 1.1.8. Olimp
Minerva Sport 24m 1.1.8. Olimp
Veleshit Sport 17m 1.1.10. Veleshit
Mascherino Sport 25m 1.1.12. Zighi & Urli
Isar Flimmern Sport 30m 1.1.13. Colibri
Toi-toi Sport 16m 1.1.14. Hidrogliser
Bella Sport 15m 1.1.15. Zava
Bine Maja Sport 17m 1.1.15. Zava
Helena Sport 18m 1.1.15. Zava
Humping Jack Sport 18m 1.1.15. Zava
Vaginalna manipulacija Sport 20m 1.1.15. Zava
Hare Krishna Sport 40m 1.1.17. Ljuska
Mia cara Paolina Sport 22m 1.1.17. Ljuska
Diagonalka Unknown 200m 1.5. Debeli kuk
*** Velbitaski Sport 350m 10 1.7. Anića kuk
Dreaming the lost friends Sport 100m 5 1.10. Kuk od Skradelin
Franz Hohensinn Sport 60m 2 1.10. Kuk od Skradelin
6b Kagula Sport 20m 1.1.1. Parkiralište
Lu-Lu Sport 20m 1.1.1. Parkiralište
Petronilla Sport 20m 1.1.1. Parkiralište
Auskneifer Sport 15m 1.1.2. Krokodil
Krokodil Sport 22m 1.1.2. Krokodil
Črni gad Sport 20m 1.1.6. Popaj
Zeus Sport 25m, 8 1.1.8. Olimp
Radegast Sport 30m 1.1.14. Hidrogliser
For Trudi Sport 31m 1.1.15. Zava
Blody Maria Sport 12m 1.1.16. Karenin
Irenes smile Sport 15m 1.1.16. Karenin
No Dilly Dally Sport 28m 1.1.16. Karenin
Aanvallluhhhh Sport 15m 1.1.17. Ljuska
È dulcis in fundo Sport 45m 1.1.17. Ljuska
Easter Night fever Sport 35m 1.4.2. North face
Nostalgija Unknown 350m 1.7. Anića kuk
6b+ Seppi Sport 8m 1.1.2. Krokodil
Mit feiner Klinge Sport 25m 1.1.6. Popaj
Achtung steinschlag! Sport 31m 1.1.15. Zava
WC Sport 25m 1.1.15. Zava
*** Gyps Fulvus Sport 6 1.8. Veliki Ćuk
Faulenzer Sport 100m 4 1.10. Kuk od Skradelin
6c Cellulite free Sport 20m 1.1.1. Parkiralište
Tofi is 20 Sport 1.1.1. Parkiralište
Aligator Sport 14m 1.1.2. Krokodil
Kiborg Sport 14m 1.1.7. Hram
Morana Sport 13m 1.1.7. Hram
Buda bez muda Sport 20m 1.1.13. Colibri
Colibri Sport 24m 1.1.13. Colibri
Flash back Sport 23m 1.1.13. Colibri
Flori Sport 23m 1.1.13. Colibri
Papillon Sport 18m 1.1.14. Hidrogliser
Vaga vaga dum Sport 16m 1.1.14. Hidrogliser
È seguitemi mi sono perso Sport 40m 1.1.17. Ljuska
Albatros Unknown 350m 1.7. Anića kuk
6c+ Ananass Sport 15m 1.1.2. Krokodil
Steza mojstrov Sport 15m 1.1.2. Krokodil
Gerovit Sport 14m 1.1.7. Hram
Present of nature Sport 23m 1.1.13. Colibri
Shogooth Sport 31m 1.1.15. Zava
Karenin Sport 20m 1.1.16. Karenin
Grafiti Sport 15m 1.1.17. Ljuska
Cvrecev Stup Unknown 350m 1.7. Anića kuk
Funkcija Unknown 350m 1.7. Anića kuk
*** Klin Sport 350m 12 1.7. Anića kuk
Subara direkt Unknown 350m 1.7. Anića kuk
Wein, Weib und Gestein Unknown 350m 1.7. Anića kuk
7a Davidovo drugo stanje Sport 23m 1.1.13. Colibri
Magic moon Sport 24m 1.1.13. Colibri
El Condor Pasa Unknown 350m 1.7. Anića kuk
Rajna Unknown 350m 1.7. Anića kuk
7a+ E.T. Sport 20m 1.1.1. Parkiralište
Stimula Sport 20m 1.1.1. Parkiralište
Čuvarkuća Sport 20m 1.1.4. Devnjača
Rapina Sport 20m 1.1.6. Popaj
Jenjavi Unknown 350m 1.7. Anića kuk
Kaurismakis mistake Unknown 350m 1.7. Anića kuk
Rio Unknown 350m 1.7. Anića kuk
7b Vodan Sport 15m 1.1.7. Hram
Magic moon (variant) Sport 25m 1.1.13. Colibri
Mucachito Sport 23m 1.1.13. Colibri
Jezna Sport 12m 1.1.16. Karenin
7b+ Svantevid Sport 15m 1.1.7. Hram
Svarog Sport 20m 1.1.7. Hram
Brid Clina Unknown 350m 1.7. Anića kuk
Waterworld Unknown 350m 1.7. Anića kuk
Welcome - to hell or paradise Unknown 350m 1.7. Anića kuk
7c Jožek Sport 14m 1.1.7. Hram
Volos Sport 15m 1.1.7. Hram
Zlatne Godine Unknown 350m 1.7. Anića kuk
7c+ Platoon Sport 13m 1.1.2. Krokodil
Bogata Marija Sport 15m 1.1.7. Hram
Funky shit Sport 15m 1.1.7. Hram
Gozdni Joža Sport 14m 1.1.7. Hram
Perun Sport 15m 1.1.7. Hram
8a Mrakan Sport 15m 1.1.7. Hram
8b+ II Maratoneta Sport 15m 1.1.17. Ljuska
? Projekt Sport 14m 1.1.2. Krokodil
9 Projekt Sport 15m 1.1.17. Ljuska
? Projekt Sport 15m 1.1.4. Devnjača