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Grade Route Gear style Popularity
Istra Istarske Toplice Sveti Stjepan
6b Sveti Stjepan
1 6a+
2 4b
3 6b

(6a+, 4b, 6b)

Sport 80m, 3
5c Vrganj
1 4a
2 5c

(4a, 5c)

Sport 50m, 2
5c Žaba Sport 70m
6a Koromač Sport 80m
6c+ Kušlec Sport 30m
6c+ Tuljani u toplicama
1 6c+
2 6b
3 6b

(6c+, 6b, 6b)

Sport 90m, 3
7a Tri muža
1 6b
2 6b+
3 7a

(6b, 6b+, 7a)

Sport 90m, 3
Istra Istarske Toplice B
7b+ R1 Sport 20m
8a R2 Sport 20m
6b+ R3 Sport 20m
Istra Istarske Toplice Frat
7a Krampus Sport 22m
7c Babaroga Sport 22m
Istra Istarske Toplice Hallelujah cave
5c Ra) Sport
5c Rb) Sport
8a Lassig Pressig Sport 15m
8b+ Projekt Sport 16m
8c+ Cavemen's playgound Sport 20m
7c+ Sunčana strana Sport 18m
6b Schlangenloch Sport 17m
6c Serum Sport 17m
6c/c+ 10 000 Sport 18m
7c Kon Tiki Sport 15m
6c Fragola con panna Sport 15m
6b Rotbart Sport 15m
7c+ Dichte Fichte Sport 12m
7b+/c Il Conto unico Sport 18m
7b Waffengegner Sport 16m
7a+ Big fish Sport 25m
7a+ Big Ben Sport 20m
7a Schwarzer finger Sport 20m
6c+ Kolja Sport 20m
6b Die Spinne Sport 22m
7a Fingerprint Sport 22m
7b Science friction Sport 22m
Istra Kamena vrata A A/1
4b Miš Sport 15m
5b No. 2 Sport 15m
5a+/b Gimnnastik Sport 15m
4b+ Gumarić Sport 15m
4b+ Pifo Sport
4c Dječje radosti Sport 17m
5a Light spit Sport 17m
5c/c+ Č.T.B.K. Sport 20m
5c+ Digging for gold Sport 22m
4c Kokić Sport 15m
Istra Kamena vrata A A/2
6a Iz kuta kruga Sport 12m
7c Breaking bad Sport 15m
8b Bonsai Sport 20m
8b Zvuči teško Sport 18m
6c Da li ti se sviđam? Sport 14m
6b Brus pajser Sport 14m
5c 90-60-90 Sport 8m
5c/c+ Noćna smjena Sport 8m
5a Gucci Gucci Sport 25m
5a Botanicus Sport 25m
6b Cirkus Sport 30m
Istra Kamena vrata A A/3
Geto u konobi SportProject 15m
7a+ Šparoga blues Sport
7b Kamena vratina Sport 15m
7b+ Panzer division Sport 13m
8a Feed your fear Sport 13m
7b Hollywood Sport 27m
8b Snejkuljčica Sport 35m
7b Hit poletja Sport 37m
Istra Kamena vrata B
Sjedalica SportProject 8m
Pristisak SportProject 7m
No sun no fun SportProject 7m
Lopovska SportProject 30m
5b Ribida Sport 17m
7a Tandem Sport 26m
6a/a+ Tobogan Sport 20m
5a Glavic Sport 25m
6b Zili mi ruka Sport 12m
6a+ Way of saxony Sport 27m
6b Tusta Sport 28m
6a Zmajeva linija Sport 30m
Istra Buzetski kanjon Zimski
7c Apokalipso

Left side of mini-cave at the end of Zimski sector. Fixed draws

Sport 15m
Project Sport
7c+ The King

Up tufas and blocky rock on right side of mini-cave.

Sport 20m
6a+ Duh Sa Sekirom

Great climb with tufas and a deep crack up high you can almost crawl into.

Sport 20m
6c Darkwood

Fantastic line trending right up glorious crimps with a nice rest midway.

Sport 20m
6b Chico Sport 18m
6c Zagor Sport 21m
6b Cincek Sport 20m
6b+ Felipe Cayetano Lopez Martinez y Gonzales Sport 20m
6a+ Blek Stena

It feels a little bit slabby but is nice.

Sport 17m
6c Parada Sport 10m
7c Harder Than Your Husband Sport 18m
7c+ Cedo Ma Non Mollo Sport 18m
7b+ Analthinger Sport 16m
7b+ L Edipo Sport 16m
8a Stone Lover Sport 14m
Projekt Sport 14m
7a+ Budi Ponosan Sport 11m
7a+ Teske Boje Sport 14m
8a I Am Not A Carpet Muncher Sport 12m
6c Ape Maja

Nice sustained line past some tufas, undercling pockets and crimps edges.

Sport 10m
6a+ Easier Than Your Wife

The route on the right side of the cliff. Nice climbing after the initial tough crimps.

Sport 10m
Istra Buzetski kanjon Dzoser
6c+ Mrvica Sport
8a+ Radioactive Sport
7b Ne Cvikaj

A great tufa start up to a boudlery series of moves and a good shake out, then punch to the top with some balancy moves. Some surface stones can be kicked off so wear helmets on belay.


Showing 1 - 100 out of more than 1,000 routes.