Use this Region Guide to easily find and compare Crags.

Table of contents

1. Eastern Africa 101 routes in Region

Mostly Unknown

Long/Lat: 37.139931, -6.387604

1.1. Eritrea 0 routes in Region

1.1.1. Asmara 0 routes in Crag

1.2. Ethiopia 0 routes in Region

1.2.1. Addis Ababa 0 routes in Crag

1.3. Kenya 80 routes in Region

Mostly Unknown

Long/Lat: 37.793143, 0.497935

1.3.1. Mnt Kenya 80 routes in Crag

Mostly Unknown

1.3.2. Nairobi 0 routes in Crag

1.4. Malawi 0 routes in Region

1.4.1. Lilongwe 0 routes in Crag

1.5. Madagascar 0 routes in Region

1.5.1. Antananarivo 0 routes in Crag

1.6. Rwanda 21 routes in Region

All Unknown

Long/Lat: 29.947183, -1.951404

1.6.1. Switzerland of Rwanda 0 routes in Crag

1.6.2. Panga 2 routes in Crag


1.6.3. Secret Valley 7 routes in Crag


Two ropes are necessary to climb this as the tree is very far back from the top of the cliff. Also, the rope crosses over a walking path, so it may be wise to pay a "guard"

Access Issues:

We parked at -1.926225, 30.027343 or 1°55'34.4"S 30°01'38.4"E, which is on the road about parallel to the cliffs. Be careful of the river; it hadn't yet started raining where we were but the river rose rapidly and we had to ford it on the way back.


With such a long distance to the anchor, people should keep rope stretch in mind. The face is so short that you could potentially deck hard on a fall if you use two dynamic ropes.

1.6.4. Happy Valley 7 routes in Crag


1.6.5. Bigogwe 1 route in Crag


1.6.6. Nkuli 4 routes in Crag


1.7. Somalia 0 routes in Region

1.7.1. Mogadishu 0 routes in Crag

1.8. Tanzania 0 routes in Region

1.8.1. Dar es Salaam 0 routes in Crag

1.9. Uganda 0 routes in Region

1.9.1. Kampala 0 routes in Crag

1.10. Zambia 0 routes in Region

1.10.1. Lusaka 0 routes in Crag