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Rank Climber Ascents
1 Nicky 2,542ascents
2 Juergen Bollinger 2,094ascents
3 Jim Croft 1,653ascents
4 peta barrett 928ascents
5 888ascents
6 Scott Hailstone 701ascents
7 Matt Tranter 547ascents
8 Sammi 478ascents
9 Jörg 463ascents
10 Paul Badenoch 449ascents
11 Christos 420ascents
12 Tim Nicholson 408ascents
13 Vanessa Wills 407ascents
14 Erik Lucas 402ascents
15 Johan Sandberg 397ascents
16 adam demmert 388ascents
17 Dario 376ascents
18 Martin Vestol 372ascents
19 357ascents
20 Leo Seib 346ascents
21 Birgander Erase 344ascents
22 Philip 342ascents
23 331ascents
24 Donald Gibson 321ascents
25 Yves Froyen 320ascents

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