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Grade Route Style Popularity
Spain Granada - Almeria Area Los Vados La Guarderia
6b R1 Sport 20m
Austria West Bregenzer Wald Schwarzenberg
8- Locker vom Sockel Sport
5+ Black Mountain Sport
6- Nonnenpfad Sport
7+ Omega Sport
6+ Missionarsweg Sport
5+ Glühwürmchen Sport
5 Platte Sport
5+ Seniorenclub Sport 20m
7+ Action Sport
7- ** Riss

Classic crack with the crux at the first bolt.

Sport 20m
7 Senkrechtstarter Sport
7- Wechselblüter Sport
7- Coma Sport
6+ Uhrwerk Orange Sport
5+ Uhrwerk Orange Rechter Austieg Sport
7- Hart wie Stein Sport
6+ Weg der träumenden Biber Sport 20m
6+ Überhänge Sport
5- Edith Sport
5- Brigitte Sport
6+ Hohoppa Sport 20m
5 Verschneidung Sport 20m
5+ Kante Sport
3+ Hänsel Sport 20m
4- Max Sport
4 Moritz Sport
4+ Grete Sport
3+ Normalweg Sport 20m
2 Klettersteig Via ferrata
Austria West Bregenzer Wald Kanisfluh
6- Plattenroute

Set by Henrichs & Heymann, 1992

Trad 550m 12
7 Via Allergica

Set by Henrichs & Heymann, 1992

Trad 700m 16
Austria West Bregenzer Wald Kanisfluh Hoher Stoß
9- Canisio Mixed 120m 5, 11
Austria West Bregenzer Wald Kanisfluh Häle
6 A2 Mathoha

The first part of the route consists of 6 pitches featuring face and dihedral climbing. The rock is a little bit greasy, in the first 3 pitches very vegetated and sometimes loose because of the few repetitions (1986-2009 11 times). The belays are all bolted but in between the are just some old pegs and you have to enhance the protection with friends and rocks. Which isn't always possible.

The second part of the route features technical climbing in two big roofs where you need ladders. The first roof is protected with some old (loose) pegs which have to be enhanced with friends. The second roof is well protected with bolts and ends with a difficult technical climbing section. After the upper roof one pitch of good face climbing remains.

Set 1986

Aid 330m 10
Austria West Bregenzer Wald Galerieplatten
6 Älplerball-Kante Sport 45m, 8
6- Podestweg Sport 30m, 6
? Projekt Sport Project 35m
6- ** Ganz oder gar nix Sport 40m, 15
7- Quergang

Traverse between 'Ganz oder gar nix' and 'Pustefix'. At the second bolt of 'Ganz oder gar nix' turn right.

Sport 3
8- Plattenschleicher Sport 40m 2, 13
6+ Pustefix Sport 20m, 5
7 Heiße Sohle Sport 15m, 6
7- Trompetenfisch Sport 45m 2, 15
7+ Klavierfrosch Sport 40m 2, 10
5- Die Rechte

Alternative second pitch of 'Klavierfrosch'

Sport 20m, 6
Austria West Rheintal Känzele (Bregenz) Traumland
6b Herr Träumerisch

leftmost route

Sport 25m
5c+ Traumland

start below overhang and pass left of it

Sport 25m
6a+ Freiflug

starts as Traumland and traverses right along lip of overhang

Sport 25m
6b Hurleburebutz Sport 25m
6a+ Ixtlan

long traverse right below overhang

Sport 35m
Austria West Rheintal Känzele (Bregenz) Via Johanna
7 Wetterfest Sport 20m
5+ Tone's Werk Sport 20m
6 Mücken-Highway Sport 20m
4+ Müche rechts Sport 15m
7 Mordikus Sport 20m
6+ Frühstart Sport 20m
6 Via Johanna Sport 20m
7 Rotznase Sport 15m
6+ Keuchhusten Sport 20m
5 Kinderschreck Sport 20m
4+ Gärtnerstolz Sport 18m
Austria West Rheintal Känzele (Bregenz) Ameisenpfad
6+ Vogelfrei Sport 40m 2
7- Ameisenpfad

Climb in via 'Vogelfrei'. At the first belay head right.

Sport 20m
8- Kamel

Approach to the routes 'Fingerspitzengefühl', 'Lustvoll' and 'Krampfhaft'.

Sport 20m
8- Fingerspitzengefühl Sport 20m
7+ Lustvoll Sport 20m
7+ Krampfhaft Sport 20m
9 Wild Thing Sport 20m
9 Schnipp-Schnapp Sport 20m
9- Stick your fingers Sport 20m
9 White out Sport 20m
9+ Put your fingers Sport 20m
9- Kipit Sport 20m
8 Langfinger Sport 20m
8+ Birthday Sport 20m
6- Soulkitchen Sport 50m
7 Hüftschwung Sport 25m
6+ Frauenschuh Sport
Austria West Rheintal Känzele (Bregenz) Sophia
7- Via Sophia Sport
7 Gibril Sport
Austria West Rheintal Känzele (Bregenz) Just in time
5+ Möwe Jonathan

Set by W. Vogl

Sport 15m
4 Ladylike Sport 15m
5+ Alpauftrieb Sport 17m
7- Polterabend Sport 18m
5 Monsson wedding Sport 18m
5- Arwen

Continuation of 'Monsson wedding'

Sport 20m
4- Catwoman Sport 15m
4+ Namenlos Sport 50m 2
5- Gollum

Approach to the routes 'Habibi', 'Spiderman', 'Gandalf' and 'Balrog'.

Sport 15m
6+ Habibi Sport 20m
5+ Märchentante Sport 15m
7 Spiderman Sport 20m
8 Gandalf Sport 25m
8+ Balrog

Climb in via 'Joker'

Sport 25m
8- Just in time

Climb in via 'Joker'

Sport 25m
9- Joker Sport 20m
8+ Känzele Climb

Climb in via 'Joker'

Sport 25m
Austria West Rheintal Löwenzähne Wendkopf
8+ Diagonale Sport
9+ Furchtlos Sport
9+ Coulombo Sport

Showing 1 - 100 out of more than 1,000 routes