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Rank Climber Karma
1 51,075points
2 Susanne W 1,821points
3 andreas 854points
4 damian.ralet 822points
5 Jörg 765points
6 HowC 602points
7 Alanna 578points
8 Johannes 494points
9 Christoph Rauch 365points
10 Brian 349points
11 320points
12 Matthias Felix 275points
13 Dave 229points
14 Marcus Adam 193points
15 Melwin Quacke 146points
16 133points
17 Christopher Glastonbury 104points
18 Jarrah 102points
19 Sven Reul 91points
20 Brendan Heywood 90points
20 90points
22 Anthony 89points
23 Erik Lucas 84points
24 Rüdiger Penkwitt 70points
24 oliver 70points

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