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Climbing in this area is banned/illegal.


The Schaufelsen in the Upper Danube Valley is the largest non-alpine rocks of Germany and an outstanding climbing area. The rock group between 'Traumfels' and 'Blicklefels' has a large alpine tradition. At the main sector are an array of classic and modern routes routes over several pitches. The secondary sectors offer challenging climbing routes.

Germany-wide known is the 'Kaiserweg' with its five pitches, developed by the team Günter Nothdurft and Walter Seeger in 1955. More classics are the 'Alter Ebinger Turm Weg' from the year 1936 as well as the now disused 'Vagabundenweg' from the year 1948. Modern, sometimes extremely serious sport climbing routes can be found at the 'Traumfels', in 'Hölle', in the main sector and at the 'Blicklefels'.

Access issues

==[de]== Bis auf weiteres bleibt der Schaufels komplett gesperrt. Der Wanderfalke brütet evtl. im Normalweg und der Kolkraben ist noch auf der Suche.

Der Wanderfalke interessiert sich derzeit für eine Felsnische im Normalweg. Möglicherweise brütet er bereits. Ihm soll auf jeden Fall die nötige Ruhe gegeben werden. Da zudem noch nicht klar ist, wo der Kolkrabe brütet ist der Schaufels bis auf weiteres komplett gesperrt. Die Kletterverbände werden über die weitere Entwicklung auf dem laufenden gehalten. Beuron, 20.04.2018

==[en]== For the time being, the Schaufels remains completely closed. The peregrine falcon may breed in the normal route and the raven is still searching.

The peregrine falcon is currently interested in a rock niche along the normal route. It may already be hatching. In any case, he should be given the necessary peace. Since it is not yet clear where the raven breeds, the Schaufels is completely closed until further notice. The climbing associations are kept up to date on further developments. Beuron, 20.04.2018


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