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Grade Route

FA: Fischer

FA: Manz & Stöhr, 1986

FFA: Hermann, 2015

FFA: Pelz & Pelt, 2015

Steep hand and finger crack.

FFA: Hermann, 1995

FFA: Hermann, 1995

FFA: Pelger & Stöhr, 1987

FA: Renz, Dreher & Angst, 1957

FFA: Braun, 1983

FFA: Gschwendtner, 1982

FFA: Seehase, 1982

FFA: Arthur Oswald †, 2001

FFA: Arthur Oswald †, 2001

FFA: Wirth & Halder, 1986

FFA: Hermann, 1991

FFA: Ruf, 1997

As of 17.04.2018 it is not known where this route should be.

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