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Nice little park that is perfect to get out of Accra and most climbs are under trees when it becomes hot in Ghana. If you are lucky you can see a lot of birds, butterfly's and other smaller animals.

Access issues

There is an entry fee for the park and climbers normally get the bird watchers fee, otherwise you pay per hour. You also pay for the car and a ranger that is coming with you, so it becomes a little bit more expensive.


Shai Hills is round about 1 h from Accra (Accra Mall), depends a lot on the traffic.

Where to stay

Stone lodge is the nearest hotel, but camping is much more fun. They also build a really beautiful lodge inside right now.


We have a bolting committee, that should be asked before bolting. It's to ensure that we use equipment for this tropical environment. In the park also the management should be informed in advance.


View historical timeline

Shai Hills Resource Reserve was first bolted by Craig Pearman.


Check out what is happening in Shai Hills Resource Reserve.