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A small area on the rear side of the park. Perfect for a warm day as you climb in the "jungle" on top of a hill. Also the view on top of the rock is worth the hike. You can walk to the top and abseil to the routes. There are just a view routes and sometimes just top anchors, but it's worth it.

Access issues inherited from Shai Hills Resource Reserve

There is an entry fee for the park and climbers normally get the bird watchers fee, otherwise you pay per hour. You also pay for the car and a ranger that is coming with you, so it becomes a little bit more expensive.


25 min by car from the gate, a 4x4 car should be used. The 20 minutes by foot to the top.

Ethic inherited from Shai Hills Resource Reserve

We have a bolting committee, that should be asked before bolting. It's to ensure that we use equipment for this tropical environment. In the park also the management should be informed in advance.


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Grade Route

Only the top anchor is bolted in the moment. You have to abseil from the top to set up the route.

Set by Anthony Rouhana, 2010

Set by Guido von Ohlen, 2010

Set by Guido von Ohlen

Set by Anthony Rouhana, 2010

Set by Guido von Ohlen, 2010

FA: Anthony Rouhana, 2010

This route is a real optical illusion. The name is coming form Andre, who sad "I climb it free!" when he has first seen this wall. There are two bolts on top of the big roof, so you can rappel down and set up a top rope - if you can swing to the wall

Set by Guido von Ohlen


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