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Access issues inherited from Krobo Mountain

In the moment 7,50 GHC for access is paid to the local farmer. Please call him: +223249309243

Ethic inherited from Krobo Mountain

We have a bolting committee, that should be asked before bolting. It's to ensure that we use equipment for this tropical environment.


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Grade Route

Set by Guido von Ohlen

FA: Guido von Ohlen

Set by Craig Pearman

Set by Craig Pearman

Set by Craig Pearman

Set by Craig Pearman, 12 Oct 2010

Start the same as Take Me Direct, but at the top of the boulder (~7 meters), head left along the top of the boulder about 3 meters and head up easy overhang. It's a little run-out here to avoid rope drag.

Go around the big boulder at the base of Vanilla Twilight and start in the right-facing open book on the other side of the boulder, about 1 meter to the left of Death By Chocolate. Head up the easy book end to the crux overhang. Then keep heading straight up.

Set by Kelly Baker, 2012

FA: Kelly Baker, 2012

Set by Craig Pearman

FFA: Steve Heston, 2012


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