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Table of contents

1. Poets 47 routes in Cliff

Mostly Sport

Long/Lat: 26.941471, 36.998702


Mostly technical slab climbing with routes graded 5 - 6c+.


15-20 min up hill.

Ethic: inherited from Kalymnos

Full bolted sport climbing with a documented bolting standard.

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 *** Propolis p1 6a Sport 35m
2 *** Propolis p2 5c+ Sport 35m
3 ** Ates souhaits 5c+ Sport 30m
4 ** Ete Indien 6a Sport 30m
5 Minos p1 3c Sport 20m
6 ** Minos p2 7a Sport 30m
7 *** Kavafis

3a 20m, 6b+ 30m.

6b+ Alpine 50m 2
8 * Poetic Licence 6b+ Sport 20m
9 ** Damocles (danger warning) 6a+ Sport 27m
10 * Charles Bukowski 6c+ Sport 22m
11 *** Delicatessen 6b+ Sport 30m
12 ** Iris 6b+ Sport 30m
13 *** Saxonia 6a Sport 30m
14 * The Homeric Verses 6a+ Sport 30m
15 ** Quando tramonta il sol 6a Sport 30m, 14
16 * Karoubalo 6b Sport 25m
17 * Dryads 6b Sport 25m
18 ** Mustass 6a Sport 25m
19 Styx 6a+ Sport 25m
20 * Oreads 6a+ Sport 25m
21 ** Palamas 6c Sport 32m
22 ** Solomos 6c+ Sport 35m
23 ** Reins Beaux 6c Sport 35m
24 *** O'Brothers 6b+ Sport 20m
25 ** Omero 6c Sport 22m
26 ** Sapfo 6a+ Sport 22m
27 Pindaros 5a Sport 15m
28 ** Alceo 6c Sport 25m
29 ** Licimnio 6c Sport 25m
30 ** Alcman 6c Sport 30m
31 ** Anacreonte 6a Sport 22m
32 ** Ibria 6b+ Sport 25m
33 ** Ione 7a+ Sport 25m
34 Poets' Corner 5c Sport 20m, 9
35 * Ouzo 5c+ Sport 25m
36 *** Mpyra 6b Sport 25m
37 *** Metaxas 6a+ Sport 20m
38 *** M.A.O. 5c+ Sport 22m
39 ** Il Gino 5c Sport 27m, 14
40 * Kalispera 6a+ Sport 18m
41 * Kalimera 6c Sport 18m
42 *** Disobbedisco 6c+ Sport 22m
43 ** Alsace 6b+ Sport 18m
44 ** E'Tardi 6a+ Sport 15m
45 *** Troppo Sport 32m
46 ** The Wave 7a Sport 25m
47 ** Agopuntura 7b+ Sport 30m

2. Index by grade

Grade Stars Name Style
3c Minos p1 Sport 20m
5a Pindaros Sport 15m
5c ** Il Gino Sport 27m, 14
Poets' Corner Sport 20m, 9
5c+ ** Ates souhaits Sport 30m
*** M.A.O. Sport 22m
* Ouzo Sport 25m
*** Propolis p2 Sport 35m
6a ** Anacreonte Sport 22m
** Ete Indien Sport 30m
** Mustass Sport 25m
*** Propolis p1 Sport 35m
** Quando tramonta il sol Sport 30m, 14
*** Saxonia Sport 30m
6a+ ** Damocles (danger warning) Sport 27m
** E'Tardi Sport 15m
* Kalispera Sport 18m
*** Metaxas Sport 20m
* Oreads Sport 25m
** Sapfo Sport 22m
Styx Sport 25m
* The Homeric Verses Sport 30m
6b * Dryads Sport 25m
* Karoubalo Sport 25m
*** Mpyra Sport 25m
6b+ ** Alsace Sport 18m
*** Delicatessen Sport 30m
** Ibria Sport 25m
** Iris Sport 30m
*** Kavafis Alpine 50m 2
*** O'Brothers Sport 20m
* Poetic Licence Sport 20m
6c ** Alceo Sport 25m
** Alcman Sport 30m
* Kalimera Sport 18m
** Licimnio Sport 25m
** Omero Sport 22m
** Palamas Sport 32m
** Reins Beaux Sport 35m
6c+ * Charles Bukowski Sport 22m
*** Disobbedisco Sport 22m
** Solomos Sport 35m
7a ** Minos p2 Sport 30m
** The Wave Sport 25m
7a+ ** Ione Sport 25m
7b+ ** Agopuntura Sport 30m
? *** Troppo Sport 32m