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Rank Climber Karma
1 peta barrett 30,895points
2 15,086points
3 9,310points
4 Tom Kjaer-Olsen 4,568points
5 Scott Hailstone 2,070points
6 Jakob 1,587points
7 Jonathan Horst 1,199points
8 Glenn 679points
9 Lauren Chandler 613points
10 Vanessa Wills 450points
11 Hugo 446points
12 Susy G 270points
13 Colin McEown 253points
14 Romain 240points
15 chris 237points
16 Joey Friedmann 233points
17 Ben Jenga 203points
18 Sammi 197points
19 Constantine Dritsas 168points
20 Benoit Mau 152points
21 126points
22 Tracey Hua 106points
23 Andrew Lightfoot 103points
24 adam demmert 101points
25 Kole 99points

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