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Table of contents

1. Iliada 45 routes in Cliff

All Sport
Ethic: inherited from Kalymnos

Full bolted sport climbing with a documented bolting standard.

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 ** Popi 6aSport 18m
2 *** Thanks to Oswin 6aSport 20m
3 ** Loser Baby 7aSport 20m
4 *** Ibiscus Market 6b+Sport 30m
5 *** Cruches 6bSport 25m
6 *** Another day in Paradise 6a+Sport 28m
7 ** Homer Alone 5cSport 28m . 1 years ago

Absolute junk wall. Better routes at werribee gorge

8 *** Strike 5cSport 25m
9 ** Marianna 5cSport 25m
10 ** Once More 6aSport 25m
11 ** 5 Star 6aSport 22m
12 ** Restaurant Acrogialli 5c+Sport 35m
13 ** Giorgos & Katina 5bSport 35m
14 *** Ajax 5aSport 30m
15 *** Homere vision 5c+Sport 30m
16 *** Diomidis 6b+Sport 30m
17 *** Ira 6cSport 20m
18 *** Dolonas 7cSport 15m
19 Iliada 6cSport 30m
20 *** Athina 6b+Sport 28m
21 ** Ifigenia 6a+Sport 25m
22 tefkros 6aSport 25m peta barrett 7 years ago

looks better than it is. follows a corner which you dont actually climb on. very sharp!

Scott Hailstone 7 years ago

interesting but sharp

23 Troia 6a+Sport 35m
24 *** Kalhas 6bSport 20m
25 *** Priamos 6b+Sport 30m
26 Oetida 6cSport 25m
27 Oetida Extension 7aSport 35m
28 *** Thetida 7cSport 30m
29 *** Mythologie 7b+Sport 35m . 12 months ago

This sector is just fantastic. Awesome route, very classy affair.

Ben Jenga 1 years ago

This would be a fabulous 7a if they added a lower off at the top of the tufa. The single tufa is ...

30 *** Ekavi 6a+Sport 25m Ben Jenga 1 years ago

Really nice, a grey slab start that isn't sharp... The tufa was super wet but you only need to us...

31 ** Paris 6c+Sport 30m Ben Jenga 1 years ago

I agree with lee this was harder then I was expecting it to be but I liked it.. It was quite tech...

Lee Cujes 2 years ago

I really did not like this AT all. Slab climbing for starters, with dangerous fall potential, plu...

32 ** Polipitis 7a+Sport 20m Ben Jenga 1 years ago

I managed to pull past the hard pocket moves once I sorted my feet. Shares the same no hands rest...

Joey Friedmann 1 years ago

one hang before clips

33 ** Zorba le Gros 7bSport 20m Ben Jenga 1 years ago

And off with the wheels. I really wanted to onsight this stiff little unit but the wet tufa and t...

Lee Cujes 2 years ago

The most inspiring line here. Sweet, steep tufa. Climbs differently than you expect.

34 ** Padroni e Pagliacci 7cSport 28m . 1 years ago

Super classic. 3 stars anywhere!!

35 *** Nestoras

Name: Navaros

7aSport 28m Ben Jenga 1 years ago

Wicked pocket and feature climbing to a pop at the crux. A little tricky in places but pretty Ste...

. 1 years ago

I really do suck at os. Good catch by Emi

36 *** Ektor 6cSport 28m Ben Jenga 1 years ago

Mega huecos to start them more interesting and absorbing climbing. All the tops of these routes h...

. 1 years ago

Very satisfying warm up.

37 *** Beautiful Helen 6a+Sport Tom Kjaer-Olsen 12 months ago

Awesome, a few meters of easy slab then many more meters of continuous climbing. Slightly tricky ...

. 12 months ago

Panorama to sparticus to illiada to odysessy. Dancing around wet rock and burning sun.

38 *** Antilohos 5cSport 25m
39 Menelaos 5a+Sport 25m peta barrett 7 years ago

horrible. crimpy slabby moves.

Scott Hailstone 7 years ago


40 ** Caper 4bSport 30m, 8 Tom Kjaer-Olsen 12 months ago

Rambly, but not too bad.

. 1 years ago

Good fun for the grade...

41 *** Sage 5aSport 30m Tom Kjaer-Olsen 11 months ago

Fun slab

42 ** Thyme 5bSport 30m
43 Project 1 Sport
44 * Pénélope 6aSport Ben Jenga 1 years ago

A new route next to Ekavi. Nice climbing but a little sharp down the bottom.

45 * Pénélope girl

Not in current guide. Not sure on grade, felt 6a+

6a+Sport 25m

2. Index by grade

Grade Stars Name Style
4b ** Caper Sport 30m, 8
5a *** Ajax Sport 30m
*** Sage Sport 30m
5a+ Menelaos Sport 25m
5b ** Giorgos & Katina Sport 35m
** Thyme Sport 30m
5c *** Antilohos Sport 25m
** Homer Alone Sport 28m
** Marianna Sport 25m
*** Strike Sport 25m
5c+ *** Homere vision Sport 30m
** Restaurant Acrogialli Sport 35m
6a ** 5 Star Sport 22m
** Once More Sport 25m
** Popi Sport 18m
* Pénélope Sport
*** Thanks to Oswin Sport 20m
tefkros Sport 25m
6a+ *** Another day in Paradise Sport 28m
*** Beautiful Helen Sport
*** Ekavi Sport 25m
** Ifigenia Sport 25m
* Pénélope girl Sport 25m
Troia Sport 35m
6b *** Cruches Sport 25m
*** Kalhas Sport 20m
6b+ *** Athina Sport 28m
*** Diomidis Sport 30m
*** Ibiscus Market Sport 30m
*** Priamos Sport 30m
6c *** Ektor Sport 28m
Iliada Sport 30m
*** Ira Sport 20m
Oetida Sport 25m
6c+ ** Paris Sport 30m
7a ** Loser Baby Sport 20m
*** Nestoras Sport 28m
Oetida Extension Sport 35m
7a+ ** Polipitis Sport 20m
7b ** Zorba le Gros Sport 20m
7b+ *** Mythologie Sport 35m
7c *** Dolonas Sport 15m
** Padroni e Pagliacci Sport 28m
*** Thetida Sport 30m
? Project 1 Sport