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Pulling pebbles on tall conglomerate towers crowned by monasteries


If you have seen the James Bond movie "For Your Eyes Only" you may remember the stunning scenery in which 007 goes rockclimbing: Tall conglomerate towers with many abandoned or inhabited monasteries on top. Even tiny ledges and caves often hold relics of some eremitages. The climbing is mostly adventurous; expect longer runouts, widely-spaced ringbolts that are sometimes easy to overlook and sometimes loose round pebbles that make gear placements challenging.

detailed route database (in German):

Access issues

Generally, rock formations with inhabited monasteries should not be climbed. Preserve all other historical remains.

Where to stay

Two campsites in the villages of Kastraki and Kalambaka.


Traditionally, Meteora was in great parts explored by climbers with background from Sächsische Schweiz, translating to ringbolts, leadbolting and runouts. However, there is also some mainstream sport climbing to be found.



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