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Rank Climber Karma
1 Matt Tranter 3,337points
2 Scott Lacey 1,432points
3 Constantine Dritsas 820points
4 Joe Gray 256points
5 115points
6 Amanda Green 114points
7 80points
8 David Bowie 75points
9 Adam Pullen 71points
10 Brendan Heywood 61points
11 Stuart Millis 52points
12 Edgardo Yalung 37points
13 Paul Slattery 36points
14 J 30points
14 Richard Cunliffe 30points
16 Matt Carozza 18points
17 Davo 17points
18 O 16points
19 @ianho 10points
20 Nicholas Lazzareschi 9points
21 David Taylor 7points
21 james budge 7points
21 jjobrien 7points
24 Andrew Irwin 5points
24 Mike Dixon 5points

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