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This crag is unlocated

If you know where this crag is the please take a minute to locate it for the climbing community. Please contact us if you have any issues.


Access Western Island as for 'Zinken Wall', pass Zinken wall by a wee path on the left as you face the crag. As you cross a chockstone bridge look left, this is the exit hole to 'Wriggle and Squirm'. Continue onto the island along the clifftops for approx 80m to overlook the largest recess, the void at the back contains 'Silly Children'.


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As you walk onto Western Island following the vague track to the left of 'Zinken Wall', keep looking at your feet and you'll find the "grassy bridge" across the chasm. This route squirms through the chasm from sea level to exit through the hole at the far end. Ungradable and a bit of a jamfest for the chubby! Continue onto the island

FA: I. Miller & W. Schuessler, 21 Mar 2011

The main and centre outstanding cave, chimney as far as you can into the depth at sea level and ascend through the chock stones to exit through the cliff top rubble. An easier version (Fat Man's Exit) exit seaward to the highest seaward chock stone.

FA: S. ‘Jock’ Read & I. Miller, 27 Apr 2011

From the huge semi submerged boulder at the entrance to ‘Silly Children’, gain the white spike on wall above and continue up on fine flutings of immaculate granite, trending slightly right to the highest point of the crag.

FA: I. Miller & C. Gleeson, 1 Oct 2011

3 meters to the left of ‘Smiler’, climb the thin hand crack/groove.

FA: S. ‘Jock’ Read, 24 Jul 2011

From the entrance to ‘Silly Children’, traverse just above the high water mark out toward the sea to a wee stance below the left facing corner. Continue seaward making a rising traverse and hand traverse out along an immaculate quartz jug rail to the far end of the crag.

FA: I. Miller & C. Gleeson, 1 Oct 2011

20m along from the ‘Silly Children’ Chasm, there is another chasm. Abseil down slabby perfection on it's seaward side and grovel your way up, into and out through the chock stones of this chasm.

FA: S. ‘Jock’ Read & I. Miller, 24 Jul 2011

On the landward facing wall of the ‘Grovel’ chasm, climb the shallow left facing corner and jugs above to the highest point of the wall.

FA: I. Miller & C. Gleeson, 1 Oct 2011

Climb the ramp with the Arm/Leg jammer on the seaward facing wall in the chasm.

FA: I. Miller & S. ‘Jock’ Read, 27 Apr 2011


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