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Keshet Cave (rainbow in Hebrew) is located in Western Galilee close to the Lebanon border. Geologic processes over years caused the collapse of the ceiling of a large karst cave. So now, despite of the name, it’s more like an amphitheater with colorful stalactites and majestic domes linked by a hanging bridge over an abyss. Keshet Cave combines the several sectors outside the cave including the neighboring riverbed of Namer.


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Notwithstanding the high interest, the cave has been permitted for sport climbing only at the end of 2012. Since then, the site has been in rapid development, leaning on monetary donations by climbers from all over Israel. Already, routes have been opened there on an international scale of beauty, length, and difficulty. Although, by quantity of routes, the Keshet cave is still inferior to sites like Gita and Ein Prat, it is clear now that it will take a major place in the development of rock climbing in Israel.


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